Top 10 tourist attractions Ghana

tourist attractions Ghana

Top 10 tourist attractions Ghana. Going to Africa, Ghana for the first time? It’s hard not to have your desires met. While it is said that America is a place where there are incredible chances and unlimited prospects, Africa and Ghana is explicit is a place that is known for its decent variety and experience.

When going to Ghana, before you take your flight make sure you have pressed all you need since this nation offers for all intents and purposes unlimited prospects with regards to extraordinary the travel industry and experiences. Interested? Read on to discover tourist attractions Ghana is an unquestionable requirement in your movement journal.

Top 10 tourist attractions Ghana

Ghana is one of the luxuriously honored nations in the West African area. The nation gloats of cosmopolitan urban communities, intriguing types of untamed life, ideal beaches, and not overlooking its rich history. With the various tourist sites in Ghana, realizing where to start your excursion can be questioning. It is hence that we have picked the tourist attractions Ghana you should visit eventually in your life.

Kintampo Falls

The Kintampo waterfalls situated on the Kumasi-Kintampo interstate gives an all-encompassing scene and magnificently show the magnificence of nature. It is about 4km away from the Kintampo Township, on the Kumasi-Tamale street. This is where the Pumpu River falls somewhere in the range of seventy (70) meters to proceed with its excursion towards the Black Volta at Buipe.

The Kintampo falls are molded in an excellent flight of stairs. This amazing falls bafflingly vanishes and reemerges 200 meters from its unique area. Its incredible view makes it a most loved fascination for travelers who visit the district( Brong Ahafo). One can never miss the Boambeng Fiema Monkey Sanctuary in the Brong Ahafo area too. This is also another Ghana tour sites

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Paga Crocodile Pond

Situated in the north-eastern outskirt of Ghana, Paga is a hallowed crocodile haven. In spite of the fact that crocodiles are considered wild animals, the Paga crocodiles are friendly and correspond with people. The fascinating connection between the crocodiles and people keep on perplexing the psyches of many. This is as opposed to the view of crocodiles as perilous.

It is a standard offense to mischief, execute, or give any indication of discourtesy to the crocodiles of Paga. It isn’t extraordinary to discover kids and additionally guests sitting at the rear of or holding the story of a crocodile with no mischief, after a penance of fowl. This is typical for the individuals of Paga however a riddle to guests.

Other tourist sites in Ghana in the zone include the Paga-Nania slave camp, the riddle dam of Kayoro called Kukula, and the Nasaga Game Reserve, eight kilometers from Burkina-Faso and Paga.


Kumasi is the previous capital of Ghana’s Ashanti Kingdom in southern-focal Ghana. Kumasi is Ghana’s second-biggest city with a populace of around 1.5 million. The Ashanti are popular craftsmen, their gold gems and knickknacks are well known all through the world, just like their Kente material and wood-cut stools. You can see models at the National Culture Center just as different specialty towns on the edges of Kumasi.

The clamoring Kejetia Market merits visiting, the Kente fabric is the acceptable incentive here on the off chance that you can stomach the mayhem. In case you’re intrigued to perceive how the Ashanti Kings used to live, you can visit the Manhyia Palace Museum. You can meet the current Ashanti ruler here; he shows up to welcome the open at regular intervals.

You can never miss these locales in this area: Okomfo Anokye Sword Site, Lake Bosomtwe, Kumasi Market, and Fort. Miles outside Kumasi is additionally the Obuasi Gold Mine and Bonwire( the Kente City)

Elmina and St George’s Castle

Elmina is a pleasant fishing town along Ghana’s coast, not a long way from Cape Coast. It is home to perhaps the greatest fascination, St George’s Castle. Worked by the Portuguese in 1482, it was caught by the Dutch 150 years after the fact and turned into the home office of their West Indies Company for the accompanying 250 years.

Gold sends out were before long supplanted by slaves and the visits through the prisons will give you a smart thought of how frightful an exchange it was. The Castle houses a little historical center and guided visits are accessible. The obvious magnificence of the white-washed Castle dividers balances profoundly with the dull history of this spot.

Fort St Jago

Fort St Jago lies over the tidal pond from the château, and merits visiting for the perspectives it offers of the town and Castle. Another fascination which ought not to be missed when going on the Central-Western street is Cape three-point. It is a little promontory in the Western Region of Akanland, West Africa.

Shaping the southernmost tip of Akanland, it is situated between the beachfront towns of Dixcove and Princess Town. Cape Three Points is known as the “land closest no place” since it is the land closest to an area in the ocean which is at 0 scopes, 0 longitudes, and 0 elevations (the separation is around 570 km).

It is most popular for its beacons, the first was developed in 1875 by the British as a navigational guide for exchanging vessels cruising through the Gulf of Guinea. The first structure has since become a ruin, in any case, a bigger and more improved beacon was finished in 1921, is as yet working today.


Nzulezu is a town based on braces in the muddy Amansuri Lagoon. Comparative in looks and environment to Genvie in Benin, this is an exceptional small fishing network, a long way from the buzzing about of day by day Ghanaian life. You can just arrive at it by leasing a kayak, accessible from the town of Beyin (around two hours drive from Axim), check out north Dallas maid service. It takes about an hour to arrive to the town. Basic convenience is accessible in a brace house. You can likewise discover other tourist sites in Ghana in the zone like the Ankasa National Park in this district.

Kakum National Park

Kakum National Park is a thick tropical downpour woodland in southern Ghana. The woodland is home to more than 40 types of bigger warm-blooded animals including timberland elephants, backwoods wild ox, Mona-meerkats, and civets. The feathered creature’s life is incredible also with more than 250 species living in the woods.

The feature of any visit to Kakum is a walk around the Canopy Walkway that is fabricated 30 meters over the ground, traverses 1000 feet (350 m) long. The shaded walkway offers a one of a kind survey point of view of the natural life and remarkable plants of the woods. Prepared aides are available to take you on a visit and give itemized knowledge into the restorative employments of the timberland plants. There’s a fundamental campground for the individuals who need to remain for the time being.

Lake (Volta Lake)

Lake Volta (or Volta Lake) is the biggest man-made lake on the planet. A traveler vessel, the Yapei Queen runs the whole length of the lake between Akosombo in the South to Yeji in the North. The outing takes around 24 hours one way and leaves from Akosombo each Monday. You can book your journey through the Volta Lake Transport Company.

You’ll be imparting the pontoon to some domesticated animals and bunches of vegetables. The vessel is in some cases alluded to as the “sweet potato pontoon”. The dozing is unpleasant however unquestionably compensating for the brave voyager. There are other littler ship administrations on Lake Volta that will take you further north and east. You can mastermind transportation in Tamale. Other tourist sites in Ghana in this district and around are Aburi Botanical Gardens, Shai Nature Reserve, Xavi( winged creatures), and numerous others.

Mole National Park

Mole National Park is Ghana’s biggest untamed life park and is situated in northwestern Ghana. In Mole, you can hope to see a wild ox, wander impala, elephants, warthogs, hyenas, and in case you’re an exceptionally fortunate panther. Lions have as of late been re-acquainted with the recreation center too. There are likewise in excess of 250 types of winged creatures to appreciate.

Cape Coast Castle

Ghana’s Atlantic Coast is fixed with old posts (manors) worked by different European forces during the seventeenth century. The Cape Coast Castle was worked for the slave-exchange and is one of the greatest of Ghana’s old fortresses. It was initially worked by the Dutch in 1637, later extended by the Swedes, at long last the British assumed responsibility for it in 1664 and transformed it into their pilgrim central command. It remained as such for the following 200 years until they moved the funding to Accra in 1877.

The Cape Coast Castle is presently a superb historical center with data about the historical backdrop of Ghana, the slave-exchange, and neighborhood culture. Visits are an “unquestionable requirement” and will take you through the prisons and the“door of no return”. Other fascinating spots with regards to the Cape Coast environs or in transit to Cape Coast you ought not to miss are the Posuban Shrine and the West African Historical Museum.

You can pick a mobile safari or a conventional game drive joined by a furnished gatekeeper. There’s an inn simply close to the recreation center central command, also you can check The best ideal opportunity to spot natural life is during the dry season from January to March as creatures gather around the water sources. You can likewise visit the Larabanga Mosque close to the recreation center, the most seasoned mosque in Ghana.



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