11 Fun places in Accra Ghana and their location

fun places in Accra Ghana

11 Fun places in Accra Ghana and their location. When you have a thought of which fun places in Accra you can visit in your spare time, at that point it turns out to be anything but difficult to boost your time. Shockingly, there will never be sufficient opportunity to have some good times, yet the spots to visit and sights to see are various.

All things considered, having an agenda that you can cross once you are finished with a spot guarantees that you visit the spots you never need to miss quickly. Along these lines regardless of whether you use up all available time to visit each pace you wanted, you will have no second thoughts of having neglected to visit those you considered generally necessary to you.

11 Fun places in Accra Ghana and their location

Below are some of the fun places in Accra Ghana and their location;

Labadi beach

This is a great destination for anyone looking for an outdoor experience in one of the most popular beaches in Accra. It is the perfect place to grab late lunch and watch people engage in a number of activities including horseback riding, young boys dancing, and acrobatics. It’s a great recommendation for any tired person that wants to recollect before taking up any serious task. A few hours at the beach is enough to get you into a super mood.

Artist alliance gallery

This will make the art lovers tick as they take in and enjoy the exceptional work of the artists here. The variety is breathtakingly beautiful with artwork made from metal, wood, and cloth all displayed. If you have been wondering where to get all great artists to work then this three-story find is perfect.

All Ghanaian artists worth their salt are displayed at the Arts alliance gallery, thanks to Ablade Glover who is one of the greatest artists in Ghana. If you want to bring an art piece with you ask for shipping arrangements and get it conveniently delivered to you.

Makola market

This fantastic hectic market is a perfect destination for anyone looking to get a complete representation of Ghana in one place. Everything and more of what you can envision for sell is found at the Makola market. Be careful though what you bring to this market because of its overcrowded nature. Leave your expensive cameras and phones behind but bring some money to spend as you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding what to buy.

Oxford Street in Osu

On the off chance that you are searching for a spot where it is all event, at that point consider Oxford Street situated in the upmarket area of the Osu advertise. In the event that you are searching for a spot to get the absolute best eateries, shops, and bars in Accra then this is the road to be at. Aside from the fake impersonations old at some of the shops you ought to be prepared to manage the traffic situation.

Fly into Frankie’s at whatever point your stomach starts to thunder. Get a snappy yet scrumptious fix before proceeding onward. Try not to leave before visiting Woodin where you will discover the absolute best texture. In the event that you need a keepsake, at that point, there is no better spot to gather a couple than at Global mothers on a similar outing.

In the event that you are to a greater degree a night individual, at that point visit Citizen Kofi for your night move or incredible films. You could likewise nibble at Bella Roma as you snatch a nibble after 10 pm. The main concern is that you can never turn out badly with Oxford Street.

James Town

This region shows you the opposite side of Accra that you may not see the first occasion when you set foot in the city. You might need to get a local escort or a neighborhood to clarify the profound history in the old structures left by the British and Portuguese. In spite of the fact that the area seems flimsy and destitution stricken, the structures are in themselves a rich portrayal of the profound history that Ghana has had. The town is one of the most network centered arrangement regions in Accra as chicken and children can be seen going around.

National Museum

Try not to leave Accra before visiting the national historical center all the more so on the off chance that you are a history aficionado. All that you have to find out about the Atlantic slave exchange will be found in the history segment of the historical center. Look at the essentials that have prompted the presence of cutting edge Ghana.

Study what makes a difference to the Ghanaian individuals customarily top on the rundown is the Kente wear just as the illustrious Ashanti stools. Get the opportunity to cooperate with works of art, devices, and instruments that are interesting to Ghana as it were. For a limited quantity of 5US dollars a grown-up, you get the opportunity to appreciate the extravagance of the historical center from when it opens from 9 am to 4.30 pm.

Fantasy Coffin Shop

These shops are spread all over Accra. They have some expertise in making final resting places that coordinate the occupation or the most loved movement of the dead person. They come in all shapes and types including lager bottles for people that making the most of their beverage a lot, fish for anglers, and various vegetables for ranchers. You can pay the woodworker a couple of coins to view.

While the rundown above shows you the great home bases in Accra particularly in the event that you are searching for entertainment only activities in Ghana during the day, there is the nightlife that should be cooked for. You may not generally be too worn out to even consider spending every one of your evenings in Accra inside. In the days that you want to have a functioning night then the accompanying joints will make for an ideal nightlife in Accra, at any rate for the length that you remain. fun places in Accra Ghana around evening time

Kona café and Grill

This is the primary spot you visit when you need to toast over a neighborhood drink. Appreciate asana or palm wine from caramelized corn. You can sit on the wooden bedroom furniture in the nursery region or hang out on the main floor bar. This joint offers an ideal home base for anybody to search for a spot to unwind after nightfall. The peaceful condition turns once dimness comes as youthful Ghanaians crowd the spot to appreciate extraordinary music.

Clear spice

This allows you to head out back to the 70s. The moving floor might be little however the experience that accompanies it is extraordinary. It plays soul and funk music again from the 70s. This is the place the developed horde of Ghanaians matured between 30 to 40 hangs out getting a charge out of cool music.


In the event that you are excited about live exhibitions, at that point +233 will be ideal for your necessities. This cocktail lounge and restaurant joint offers you fantastic sounds and flawless lighting that makes a colorful vibe from where to tune in to your preferred music. What makes this joint stand apart in spite of solid rivalry is the way that top quality music is played at some random time.


This will be ideal for anybody looking to encounter a smidgen of Europe in the core of Accra. Its high roofs cause the spot to look like an old manufacturing plant which is in opposition to its genuine status. It is one of the most recent and most selective clubs and parlors in Accra. It is possessed by Italians who mean to carry a bit of Europe to Accra. Its lighting is stunning and its insides are exceptional.

Rock stone’s office

This is viewed as the dad of all hip life. It is claimed by Ghana’s own star whom you may find doing adjusts now and again. It is elegantly outfitted with delicate white calfskin lounge chairs that make an ideal foundation for out of control tunes played at the three out of one spot. You get a Django bar, a housetop relax, and a fabulous Papazz club across the board space.

Republic Bar &Grill

This offers you an extraordinary road vibe particularly on the off chance that you are youthful. Recollect that the bar’s exercises are sorted out so that you won’t be plunking down for such a long time. From superb Djs, live gigs, and karaoke meetings, you scarcely have the opportunity to unwind. In the event that you are kind that needs an entire night, at that point this is your sort of spot. It is one of the great fun places in Accra Ghana around evening time. You will never lament your choice.

Plan your outing carefully! While you realize where to go during the day and around evening time, eating is a pivotal piece of your involvement with Accra. You might need to test astounding cooking styles both nearby and extraordinary. This will be controlled by the café you visit. Here are the absolute coolest fun places in Accra Ghana  particularly after a long and tiring Accra touring crucial the day.

Spots to eat in Accra

After your long binge of doing adjusts in all the great fun places in Accra Ghana, you have to break for a bite or settle down for a decent round of dinner. Realizing where to eat is a vital piece of this choice. Here are a couple of spots to begin with.

Tea Baa

This is one of the paces in Accra that you will acknowledge for some things. Aside from serving incredibly tasty tea and extraordinary food, the staff is inviting and the little space implies that you can bear to have a little security.


Try not to stress when you are inquired as to whether you are a visitor at the sky bar. Gesture unquestionably that you are on the list of attendees and continue to the 25th floor for a bar experience that is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble. In the event that you would prefer not to pay for stopping make sure to state that you are an am/pm bar where free stopping is advertised.

Coco lounge

On the off chance that you are careful about the inside f where you will have your suppers then this spot will turn into a most loved n no time. This combined with top big bear luxury cabin rentals and the alright food and beverages makes it an agreeable joint to hang out. Shockingly, on the off chance that you need a tranquil domain to make the most of your suppers, at that point the birthday interferences may not be an extraordinary thought for you.

The urban flame grill is another ideal spot to hell out yet you should be set up at the extravagant costs. All things considered, the fantastic assistance nearly makes the costs worth each penny.

Cafe Kwae

This is a phenomenal joint simply close to the air terminal. Aside from its extravagant inside structure and incredible food introduction, they really have some sound options of food, for example, without gluten bread and an assortment of veggie lover servings. On the off chance that you are searching for a pleasant joint to work from as you take espresso then this is it.

Chez Clarrise

In the event that you have discovered this restaurant, at that point you can concur that you have spotted for yourself a jewel. Let the pitiful look of the café’s outside not fooled you. This eatery is situated in the boulevards of Osu. Any weaknesses are made up for once you get in. The administration is snappy, mindful, and astounding also their incredible food. You should not leave Accra before visiting this café, it merits each torment particularly as a result of the casual climate that nearly causes you to feel you are home.

Gold coast

This would be an extraordinary spot for a burger joint in view of their incredible suppers. Additionally, you get the opportunity to tune in to unrecorded music as you appreciate a most loved feast or drink visit https://www.odonate.com. In the event that you have companions or family with you think about taking them to the Gold coast. You will value their African informal breakfast or smorgasbord.


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