Popular Tamale-Based Radio Presenter Banished Due To Gayism


A notorious youth group in the Northern region popularly known as “Aluta boys” has raided a the residence of a popular radio presenter in Tamale, Mr. Abu Manan Yussif during the late hours of Sunday July 7,2019.

According to some residents, the radio presenter a.k.a Dj Mezz has been engaged in arts of homosexuality for a very long time.They told our reporter that he has engaged in a devilish conduct and must be eliminated from the society.

“He has caused disgrace not only to his noble family but to the family of his wife as well”.
The victim was also physically assaulted and beaten up to pulp. Some residents including the attackers who were convinced that the victim had been handed over to the Ghana Police by some community elders later discovered upon their traces that the victim was nowhere to be found.

The angry youth are therefore suspecting foul play and also blaming the Assembly man for the area, Rashid Salam, for the escape of the suspect. Mr. Salam has however refuted the allegations and said he wouldn’t want to further comment on the incident for now.

When presspeep.com arrived at the scene, leader of the group who is only known as ‘Dzegu’ claimed they have enough evidence to show that the accused person Abu Manan was into gay activities.

“This devilish person hides under the cover of marriage. His wife revealed his secrets to his parents and that’s how come the news is all-over the place and we feel such a person shouldn’t be alive in this country”…he stated.

Mr. Abu Manan ,who is a popular radio presenter and has hosted many popular political programs and played in several night clubs as a DJ, has currently gone into hiding, all efforts to speak to his wife has proven futile.
The predominately Muslem dominated community has consistently dispised homosexuality.

This, they say is not accepted in Islamic teachings and beliefs for which reason they are angrily up against anything of that nature.According to them,it is satanic and could tarnish the name of the community and strongly believe this could spell doom for the region if not the country as a whole.

Sheikh Usman insists the wife should know where the husband is hiding and must be investigated. He further promised all residents of his willingness to root out such individuals from the society.

The revered Imam also made an allegation about his mother’s death recently in the Cheriponi ethnic clash; he said “I believe strongly that his mother was killed because of his son’s devilish act, so this guy has to be eliminated before any other unfortunate thing happens to his family”.

He has also declared a ban on Mr. Manan and warned that never should he return to the Region because he shall not be forgiven.
Mr. Abu Manan Yussif, currently on the run, and his wife is said to be hidden from the general public since she fears of public disgrace.



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