UrbanArc Company Limited ;Your landscape partner. Are you a home owner or building your own house and in need of the services of a Landscape Designer?


Are you the type who needs plants in your indoor space (Homes or Offices) and wondering which type of plants you need?
Are you a lover of Aquariums?

Worry no more because UrbanArc Company Limited have got the solutions to your problems. They offers a holistic interpretation of Landscaping as a beautification service, designed to provide an improved visual awareness in the community, Homes and Office spaces.

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Our mission to fuse nature and harmony in the urban space has seen us won couple of projects which can be viewed in our gallery on our website as it has built a lot of experience and confidence in our field of work.

From our website, you can view the different types of services we offer which comes with free consultations and a shop where our clients can purchase both indoor and outdoor plants with the opportunity of knowing the functions these plants play in their everyday lives aside the aesthetics.

It is true that plants have the ability to increase Productivity, Boost Creativity , Enhance on the beauty of a space, Help cleanse the air of harmful toxins, take in carbon dioxide and feeds us with good oxygen, cools the temperature of the space and also has a lot of health benefits. We have carefully chosen these plants which comes together with the pots/vase to provide you with all the benefits mentioned above .

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