Top 20 Ongoing Local scholarships in Ghana 2020. Discover the most recent reports on Ghana scholarships. In this article, will help you to find a scholarship to meets your particular needs. The budgetary scholarships and helps beneath will offer you a thought of the open doors offered for Ghanaian students. Different scholarships in Ghana are accessible for both local and international students to focus on in Ghana.

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Scholarships in  Ghana

We have given you the scholarships in Ghana for tertiary students, offered by a portion of the important learning institutions in Ghana, and others taking in establishments from over the world that is prepared to give some assistance to the Ghanaian researchers. We have additionally featured the requirements required for every grant and the procedure required to send the application forms. A large part of the grants are open, so exploit these benefits that come once in a blue moon.

  1. The GE SFAO scholarships in Ghana

General Electric is a partner of the General Electric Company that is associated with the framework advancement in Ghana in the areas of flexibly of innovation, administrations, preparing activities, ventures, and gracefully chain improvement in the force and transportation industry.

The organization framed a coalition with the University of Ghana to offer grants for undergrad programs in the fields of Computer Sciences and Applied Sciences. The grant covers the education costs, learning materials, convenience, and cash-based stipends.

It additionally ensures administration preparing and entry-level position in the firm on researchers who keep up the excellent scholastic presentation of at any rate 2.5 CGPA. The grant is reestablished every year if the researchers keep on indicating the praiseworthy scholastic presentation of a Grade Point Average of 2.5 and better. Application necessities incorporate a level 100 researcher with a total of 15 or better at the WASSCE.

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They should likewise have great direct and confirmation of their family’s abilities to meet the scholastic related costs. They should likewise connect a letter indicating their assurance and other fruitful interests. All application structures are to be submitted at the Student Financial Aid Office.

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Candidates are to append a duplicate of the official compensation error of the guardians or watchmen. Additionally, the ongoing school’s receipts and expense form receipts, birth testaments of kin, and passing declaration or entombment allow if there should be an occurrence of death of a parent.

The structure will be joined by High School transcripts, West African Senior School Certificate Exam Results, University acknowledgment letter, and records in regards to accomplishment tests, scholastic honors, respects, and meaningful appraisals. Candidates should likewise affirm that they are not as of now getting help from another program.

Scholarships in Ghana for SHS students

Any SHS understudy can apply for the grants beneath, however, they must be acceptable in their studies and at times, co-curricular exercises.

2. KNUST/ Mastercard Undergraduate Scholarships

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in organization with the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program gives grants to understudies from monetarily hindered foundations with a high and commendable exhibition at the WASSCE test results.

The grant covers undergrad programs in the researcher’s connected field of intrigue. KNUST is one of the main colleges in Ghana as far as advancement and creating talented specialists in various segments of the economy. The grant covers education costs, convenience, learning materials, garbs, transport, and payment.

As a component of the grant bargain, fruitful and chose researchers should take part in the ‘Return Give-Back’ activity which plans to offer back to society. The grant covers the full four years of the researcher. Researchers can recharge the grant every year gave they keep up high scholastic execution.

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Candidates should join their parent’s payslips, birth authentications of kin, receipts of expense form, WASSCE test results and the University acknowledgment letter. Researchers should likewise not be tried out some other grant program before applying. The authority characteristics, individual accomplishments, dreams, and desires will likewise be tried.

All application structures are to be submitted at the KNUST Financial Aid office for additional consideration.

Scholarships in Ghana for tertiary students

People who want to further their education and specialize in certain careers can apply for the following scholarships:

3. The Tertiary Education Scholarship Trust

The grant was established by a gathering of graduates to provide food for Ghanaian researchers from monetarily impeded regions with high scholastic potential to seek after various courses in tertiary foundations in Ghana. The grants are additionally open for researchers looking for affirmation for college classes in colleges and Polytechnics.

The course intends to kill neediness in Ghana by instructing the researchers to pick up aptitudes and information to apply to better their networks. All application structures are to be procured at the official site. Researchers must give proof of scholarly execution by appending WASSCE test results, payslips and government forms of guardians, birth testament, High School results, passing authentication or internment grant in the event of death of a parent.

For recipients of the program, they are additionally required to get to their recharging structures through the official site. All candidates will experience a verifying procedure where all insights about their scholarly and individual life will be evaluated. The grant provides food for every single related field of intrigue, embraced by the researcher.

The trust gave is given on an every year inexhaustible premise subject to the scholarly exhibition of the candidate. All recipients of the program are to stay in Ghana and add to the social and monetary advancement of Ghana through an obligation of five years which is avoided from national help.

Scholarships for Ghanaian students to study abroad

Studying abroad opens up many opportunities and you could also discover new talents. Here are scholarships to assists you achieve your dream:

4. The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

The grant is open for people from creating nations including Ghana who are monetarily unequipped for financing their instruction with excellent scholarly execution. The grant covers more than 200 favored projects for researchers in their fields of intrigue.

The grant takes into account the researcher’s education costs, month to month everyday costs, full circle airfare, medical coverage, and travel remittance. Candidates must not hold double citizenship in any created nation. They should likewise be a holder of a Bachelor’s certificate in the wake of graduating three years before the application date. They should likewise have in any event three years of working involvement with their related field subsequent to winning a Bachelor’s qualification.

They should likewise be utilized in a related field of their examination in a paid full-time position at the hour of presenting the grant application. Candidates have the chance to browse either the liked or banded together projects. Candidates for the accomplice program grant should initially apply for admission to at least one of the accomplice graduate degree programs.

The application structures are to be submitted to the particular college. For the favored program, researchers are to drop their applications online for determination.

5. Berkeley College International Student Scholarships

Students require at least secondary school confirmation with strong coursework in Mathematics, Science, English, and Humanities. Candidates ought to likewise get ready for a placement test, for example, the TOEFL, SAT, or ACT. Students must accomplish a GPA of 3.0-grade guide normal on a 4.0 scale toward being conceded. For affirmation for grants for Ghanaian understudies in the USA, they should hold a likeness with a Bachelor’s qualification or graduate degree.

Students should likewise submit at any rate three letters of the proposal where the students step through a normalized examination, for example, the General Test of the GRE, the GMAT, MCAT, OAT or LSAT. The grant takes care of instructive expenses and different types of awards and credits. They are additionally concurred by everyday costs and early candidates get convenience inside the organization.

6. University of Westminster Undergraduate Scholarship

The learning institution is one of Britain’s first polytechnic university. The scholarship covers students who are academically endowed but from financially challenged backgrounds to pursue a full-time degree at the institution. The scholarship is not limited to any field of study. Applicants can undertake any of the courses offered at the institution.

The scholarship covers the scholar’s tuition fees, learning materials, monthly living expenses, accommodation, round trip flights, and health insurance. Applicants upon submission to the official website of the application form will undergo a selection process. Two qualified assessors will review each application and place a score on a scale of 0 to 10. The professional experience and recommendations will add up to the score. It is suitable for those interested in scholarships for Ghanaians to study in the UK.

7. Government of Russian Federation Scholarships

The program provides Russian scholarships for Ghanaian students based on candidate’s interest in pursuing an undergraduate program or graduate level at some of the major recognized universities. The aim of the program is to create lasting relationships between Russia and its neighbors. The scholarships include free tuition, accommodation, monthly living expenses, and one round trip to and from Russia.

The scholarship is not limited to the field of study. Scholars can choose from the variety of courses offered, provided they meet the recommendations and requirements of the departments and the universities. Learners are equipped with skills to help them impact society back at home.

8. York University Undergraduate Scholarships

York University is ranked as one of the third-largest university in Canada. The university offers scholarships for Ghanaian students in Canada with a wide range of courses to suit the various fields of interest of the learners. Learners are not limited to the field of study. The scholarship comprises of tuition fees, accommodation, monthly living expenses for a year, and a round trip flight to and from Canada to Ghana.

Through the International Entrance Scholarship program, the international undergraduate applicants are catered for. The process of evaluation and selection involves the process of review of the students’ educational background and performance, personal achievements, engagement in activities of the community, and leadership qualities. The scholarship can be renewed annually guaranteed the scholar maintains high academic performance throughout the semester. Applicants are also open to other international scholarships available at the University.

9. Turkey Scholarship for Ghanaian students

The 2020 Turkiye Scholarships 2nd round is open for both the undergraduate and postgraduate applications. All applications are made online through the official website. Hopeful candidates are required to upload all the required information and documents through the application system. Applicants who post through courier services, or deliver by hand are not accepted. The submission of the applications should be done personally since there are no institutions or persons authorized to apply for Turkiye Scholarships.

For candidates wishing to apply for the undergraduate program, they must not exceed the age of 21 while the age of 30 applies for postgraduate applications. Applicants must have a Bachelor’s degree or about to graduate prior to the date of submission of the application form. Candidates must also have met the criteria of the university or the department which they choose. Upon request by the university or department, candidates are supposed to avail of documents of their SAT, TOEFL, DELF, and YDF. The evaluation process involves the review of the applicant’s personal achievements, leadership qualities, engagement in community activities, and academic performance.

Masters scholarships in Ghana

Here are postgraduate scholarships in  Ghana for students who have already completed their first degree:

10. OFID scholarship award for international students

The program supports scholastically enriched understudies from creating nations who are keen on seeking after a Master’s qualification in an applicable field of study identified with improvement from any of the perceived colleges on the planet. Candidates must have a Bachelor’s qualification in a related field of improvement from a certify college around the globe.

Candidates are to visit the official site. The candidate must be intrigued to seek after a Master’s certificate in a course identified with improvement, for example, neediness destruction, vitality, and practical turn of events, condition, or some other related science and innovation field. The honor covers the education costs, valuable charges, a one full circle departure from Ghana to the learning establishment, medical coverage, a migration award to help spread extra expenses of moving and month to month everyday costs for one year.

Up-and-comers must be matured between 23 to 32 preceding the date of accommodation of the application. They should have likewise accomplished or very nearly finishing their college degree with a Baccalaureate from an authorize college. They should likewise have a base aggregate Grade Point Average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 rating framework or its proportional. They should likewise choose a field of study to joins the goals of the OFID’s center strategic lessening destitution and guaranteeing supportable turn of events.

11. The Denys Holland Scholarship at University College London

The program plans to help students with an excellent presentation from monetarily distraught creating nations and who can exhibit their expectation to utilize the exercises offered at the learning office and the Student Union.

The postgraduate grant for Ghanaian understudies isn’t constrained to the field of study as the researchers can pick any subject offered at the University. The grant can be reestablished yearly given that the understudies keep up high scholarly exhibitions all through the scholastic year. The grant covers education costs, strengthening charges, convenience, and one full circle trip to and from Ghana. Candidates must hold a proposal of admission to UCL for full-time postgraduate investigation initiating 2020 in any office. Candidates should likewise show their budgetary need and exhibit they have wide interests and mean to show dynamic investment in the exercises of the University.

Candidates must give their UCL Student Number or UCAS application number for their applications to be viewed as legitimate. Candidates are asked to visit the official site. Every single total application and supporting records ought to be presented by email through the official site.

12. University Paris-Saclay International Master’s Scholarships

The institution plans to give a graduate degree to global understudies educated in its foundations and making it simpler for exceptionally qualified outside understudies to go to its University particularly those wishing to build up a scholastic task through exploration up to the doctorate level. The grants are granted dependent on the value of the candidates.

The grant is paid every year by the foundation where the applicant is enlisted in it for the term of the scholarly year and for a period not surpassing 10 back to back months out of each year. Candidates must be at any rate matured 30 years preceding the day preceding accommodation of the application structure. Candidates must be conceded first to a Master’s program offered at the college. This connection shows the best approach to get the application structures and the point by point data on the most proficient method to apply for the grant.

Scholarships in  Ghana to study in the U.K

On the off chance that you wish to concentrate in the United Kingdom, here is your ticket:

13. Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarships

The program is intended for understudies keen on seeking after a Master’s program at the learning organization and utilize the information and abilities to change the improvement of Ghana. The grant covers education costs, convenience, month to month everyday costs, and transport recompenses. Candidates more likely than not been classed as abroad understudies for expense purposes.

They should likewise not have concentrated outside of Ghana. They should likewise not be learning at a Nottingham grounds or be a University of Nottingham graduate. They should likewise have a confirmation for a full-time degree program incorporating MRes in a zone of study with the Faculty of Engineering, Medicine, and Health and Social Sciences. Candidates should initially have just applied and gotten a proposal to learn at Nottingham before they apply for the grant. 14. IOE Centenary Masters Scholarships The program means to offer Mater’s grants for students who are eager to utilize the information and aptitudes obtained to help create Ghana or improve the conditions of the distraught and barred residents.

The grants spread full education costs and a 1-year convenience at International Students House. Candidates must have a proposal to examine a full-time graduate degree in London at the UCL Institute of Education. Understudies who got a proposal to learn at the UCL Institute of Education will get an email with subtleties of how to apply for the grants. In any case, the grant doesn’t cover for the researcher’s month to month everyday costs, travel recompenses, or some other expenses. Candidates are encouraged to visit the official site.

15. Bristol University Think Big Scholarships

The establishment is committed to helping the most splendid and best universal understudies from the whole way across the world. The program offers full-time college classes with the exception of in the fields of Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science or Postgraduate program offered at the University. The honor covers 25% and 100% of all the education costs for the full-time span of the program at the University.

Candidates for the Think Big Scholarship ought to be classed as abroad understudies for charge purposes. Candidates should likewise have applied to begin a full-time college degree in one of the passing courses or one-year, full-time showed the postgraduate program at the University of Bristol. Candidates are encouraged to finish the application structure with the vital supporting records to worldwide Peruse ALSO: Fashion Schools in Ghana and their Fees 16.

Ward grant for Ghanaian understudies The program is worldwide, under which the part governments offer grants and associations to residents of other Commonwealth nations like Ghana. The honor includes various kinds of grants like Ph.D. research, ace’s examination, imparted grants to U.K colleges on the side of Master’s program, separation learning grants for creating nation understudies to read for the Master’s qualification at the U.K while as yet living in Ghana. The grants spread return airfares, education costs, support costs, study, and different remittances. Researchers can embrace their Master’s and Ph.D. learn at any of the UK college’s subsidiary with the Commonwealth grant.

The honors are not restricted to the field of investigation of the student, it is available to every single accessible course offered at UK Universities. Researchers must have the option to show their potential in their proposed examination to create authority characteristics or affect Ghana. The program likewise bolsters applicants undertaking Ph.D. learns at a college in Ghana to go through as long as one year at a UK University as a feature of their scholastic work. It additionally cooks for students from Ghana who might not have the option to read for a particular Master’s qualification course because of a specific explanation.

17. Scholarships for Ghanaian students to study medicine abroad

For anyone to be a skilled and credible doctor they have to study in a reputable institution. Medicine is an expensive course but those got you covered:

18. AFPHM John Snow Scholarship

The program gives clinical grants from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, offers open doors for brilliant and scholastically supplied from creating nations who are monetarily fit for financing their training. The grant includes education costs, convenience, and full circle trips to and from Ghana. Be that as it may, it doesn’t include learning materials, month to month costs, and different remittances. Candidates need to experience assessment and determination were their past accomplishments, initiative characteristics, commitment to exercises in the network, and scholastic execution will be investigated.

The candidates must be a holder of a degree in medication or a related field within any event three years of working experience. Alongside the application structure, candidates are to connect documentation including their establishment where they rehearsed, evidence of powerlessness to finance the training.

19. ACLS Scholarship for Healthcare Providers

The program targets students presently occupied with undergrad or graduate level in the field of medication. Candidates need to submit close by the application structure a paper examining crisis clinical consideration from the point of view of a clinical understudy. The grant covers the education costs, convenience, and valuable expenses at the University. The grant doesn’t cover medical coverage, transport recompenses, and month to month costs.

Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s certificate or undertaking an advanced education in a certify University around the globe. They should likewise have at any rate three years of expert working involvement with the clinical field. The course isn’t restricted to any field of medication, students can browse an assortment of courses including dentistry, dental, brain research, veterinary, optometry, or some other related course.

20. Carl Duisberg Scholarship

The program offers grants for understudies as of now embraced their clinical temporary position or practice year in the different fields of medication. Qualified applicants ought to send their application structures with their supporting documentation. The grant covers education costs, clinical exploration, convenience, and strengthening charges. Be that as it may, the grant does exclude transport recompenses, month to month everyday costs, and learning materials. Researchers need to experience a reviewing procedure where their expert working involvement with the clinical field, individual accomplishment, commitment in network exercises, and administration characteristics will be tried. Students can browse an assortment of clinical related fields like dentistry, medical procedure, optometry thus substantially more. Students are relied upon to utilize the information and ideas to help improve the ailments back home in Ghana.

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