Phoebe Cates biography

Phoebe Cates bio. American former actress, singer, and model turned store owner Phoebe Cates now known by her marital name, as Kline was born on  July 16, 1963. She is popularly known for her roles in several 1980s films, most notably Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Gremlins.

Phoebe Cates biography

Her parents are Lily and Joseph Cates. The father was a major Broadway producer. Her Uncle Gilbert Cates was also in the TV business, frequently working together with her father. She has two sisters: Valerie and Alexandra Cates.

Phoebe Belle Cates went attended Hewitt School, then continued to  Juilliard School. She started modeling very early at the age of 10. Phoebe Belle was later awarded a scholarship to the School of American Ballet. Her dancing career was short-lived and came to a sad and sudden end after she suffered a severe injury.

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Phoebe Cates  bio, age and Career

Phoebe turned 57 years just this Thursday the 16th of July 2020. Soon after her modeling and dancing careers came to an end, she ventured into acting at age 17. Phoebe Cates 80s was very popular for her debut film called Paradise where she played the role of Sarah. She was also the lady that sang the main theme song.

In 1982, Phoebe Cates 80s appeared in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. She then acted in Private School in 1983 and also sang two of its theme songs. Her popularity and career grew. Phoebe Cates’s young and bright face featured on several teenage magazine covers including Seventeen, Teen Beat, and others. She is also well known for starring in Gremlins, Drop Dead Fred, Date with an Angel, and Princess Caraboo. The actress officially retired from acting in 1994 to focus on being a mother. In 2001, however, she appeared in The Anniversary Party as a favor to her friend Jennifer Jason, who was the director of this movie.

Phoebe Cates net worth

A number of you are searching for What is Phoebe Cates net worth? Well, search no more as we have the answers you are looking for. The award-winning actress is worth 35 Million US dollars she was mostly from her acting and modeling career. In 2005, she opened up a boutique in Manhattan called Blue Tree.

Phoebe Cates Movies

The actress has starred in many films and in every one of them, she has done her fans proud. Some Phoebe Cates movies include:

1982 – Paradise

1982 – Fast Times at Ridgemont High

1983 – Private School

1983 – Baby Sister

1984 – Lace

1984 – Gremlins

1985 – Lace II

1987 – Date with an Angel

1988 – Bright Lights, Big City

1989 – Shag

1989 – Heart of Dixie

1990 – I Love You to Death

1991 – Drop Dead Fred

1993 – Bodies, Rest and Motion

1994 – Princess Caraboo

2001- The Anniversary Party

Phoebe Cates husband and family

The actress is married to one of America’s award-winning actor and singer Kevin Kline who has won three Tony Awards and one Academy Award. Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline met in 1983 while she was auditioning for the part of Chloe in the film The Big Chill. Phoebe Cates and Kevin Kline have been married for about three decades.  He is currently 71 years old. The couple has two children, Owen Kline, born in 1991, and Greta Kline, born in 1994.


Phoebe Cates today – Where did she go to?

After she resigned from the spotlight, very little is gotten notification from her. Phoebe Cates  Kline now invests the greater part of her energy going to advantages and openings. She likewise is a monstrous enthusiast of her better half’s work. At the point when she isn’t supporting her better half, she is caught up with facilitating meals, an action she adores. Not a lot has been gotten notification from Phoebe Cates  Kline 2019. She has a calm existence with her better half in their Manhattan home. Keeping up a peaceful life as a VIP is extremely hard. Phoebe Cates  Kline, be that as it may, has done such a great job in keeping her own and big-name lives separated. Furthermore, truly, we as whole respect that about her.

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