A 22-year-old Ghanaian young man, identified as Selasi Seth Ahadzie has currently taken over social media as he becomes the first youngest Ghanaians to have successfully graduated from Institute of Chartered Accountants -ICA. He graduated on June 27, 2020

The journey hasn’t been smooth. As young as he is having the right frame of mind and the capacity to regardless pursue his dreams and coming out very successful is a plus to him.

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Selasi Seth Ahadzie sharing his success story in a write up on social media, LinkedIn to be precise said it was his dream to become a Chartered Accountant even though he, then, had less knowledge about it.

According to him, his childhood dream to become a Chartered Accountant transformed his mindset, expressing the fact that he learnt a significant lesson regarding excuses.

In Selasi’s own words he penned on social media, he mentioned what excuse of fear did to him as far back as 2016 when he first tried to sit for the ICA – Ghana exam.

He stated that since 2016 he found very nice excuses to rationalize the fear of sitting for the exams.

Until 3 years after i.e January 2019, he broke out of the fear bag to sit for the exam when he said enough was enough.

God being so good he’s having the longest smile awaiting his next life’s challenge.


“Even before actually understanding what it means to be a Chartered Accountant, I soo much wanted to be one. On 27th June I graduated from the Institute of Chartered Accountants (Ghana), sending me a step closer to that childhood dream.

One thing my ICAG journey taught me is that: excuses and success don’t move together. Since 2016 I have found very nice excuses to rationalize my fear of sitting for the exams, until January 2019 I said enough is enough and here I am today, looking forward to the next challenge

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