The former manager of Fameye, Ogidi Brown has taken to social media to propose love to Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay and certainly, that does not look like its a joke.

According to him, he loves Delay and went ahead to ask her if she can love him too. For now, Delay only wrote lol but knowing the kind of person she is, it is most likely her response wouldn’t be so cool if she responds.

Ogidi Brown is only able to move by the use of a wheelchair and his car is quite financially comfortable and should be able to take care of Delay who is financially comfortable as an entrepreneur and a Radio/TV personality.

Interestingly, Ogidi Brown threw the love proposal at Delay after she had made a post on social media. It is interesting to note that Delay’s picture that was attached to the post had a portion of her b00bs exposed and one can not be sure if that was what motivated and enticed OgidiBrown.

All the same, Delay indicates that she is a total workaholic and actually feels uncomfortable whenever she stays home for more two days.

Even though she may be a workaholic, she probably may have time for love.


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