Meek Mill and  Milan Harris

American rapper Meek Mill and  Milan Harris have gone their separate part. This new development comes in right after Kanye West made it public how he wanted to divorce his wife Kim Kardashian after she met with Meek Mill at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in L.A. “for ‘prison reform.

Meek Mill who is 33 years and a father of one with his girlfriend Milan Harris confirmed their break up on social media, assuring fans that he and the fashion designer are still on good terms and will continue to co-parent their son.

“Me and Milano decided to remain friends and build our child as separate parents … we still have mad love for each other but we both came to a understanding,” the rapper wrote in a since-deleted post on Instagram.

He also added: “no fallout either just moving forward! Still love! This for protection so social media won’t think we moving wrong.”


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