egg sauce for pasta
 Egg sauce for pasta is one of the best meals in the world especially Ghana for both males and females. Just last week Friday, my mom made breakfast and I thought I would share with you my mom’s egg sauce for pasta.  Truth be told, she makes the best and I don’t even argue when we are in the egg sauce area.


Egg sauce for pasta is very easy to make.  Typically in Ghana, we use tomatoes, pepper, and onions in making this sauce. Feel free to make this your own, Egg sauce can also be eaten with yam, bread, plantain, and rice.

How to prepare egg sauce for pasta

Egg sauce which some refer to as egg stew is often mistaken for Tomato Omelette. Both are not quite the same. Yes, they are both prepared with the same ingredients, just not in the same quantities.

Ingredients for  egg sauce for pasta

•    2 – 4 Eggs

•    4-6 medium plum tomatoes (Tomato Jos)

•    1 -2 medium onion

•    Salt & Dry Pepper (to taste)

•    1 stock cube

•    2 cooking spoons of vegetable oil

  • pasta


Method for  egg sauce for pasta

  • Break eggs into a shallow bowl, whisk till egg white and egg yolk are well combined, and whisk to combine then set it aside

•  Heat the vegetable oil in a pot, when hot, lower the heat to medium.

•  Add the onions and stir for about 2 minutes.

•  Add the tomatoes, stir for a bit and cover the pot. This is so that the tomatoes and onions do not dry up too quickly. Stir from time to time though.

•  After about 5 minutes, add the ground pepper, salt, and seasoning.

•  Keep stirring until the tomato is completely soft and separated from the oil.

•  Slowing pour the egg in a circular motion. Do NOT stir. Cover the pot and reduce the heat to low to allow the egg to “cake”. You want the egg to form lumps in the stew rather than look mushy.

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