s$x worker

A Nigerian commercial s$x worker has surprised a lot of critics on Twitter as she reveals she is now a graduate. The young beautiful lady flooded twitter with a lot of photos of her graduation which has got twitter buzzing.

This got many social media users confused and wondering as to what the young commercial s$x worker was going to use her certificate for because call she does it to sell her body on twitter.

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She took to her page to share a photo of herself in her graduation gown as she revealed that she’s a s$x worker who’s graduated. She wrote alongside the photo,

just a reminder that the sky is the limit an educated sex worker

Her post has however triggered a lot of people as they feel because of the nature of her job, she’s undeserving of the certificate. One Twitter user even said he’ll start a petition to have the certificate stripped from her… He wrote as a comment,

If you we’re my student. You’d be kicked from my class and expelled from the school. I hope you feel very lucky, I will be making a petition to get that degree taken from you. I’ll give to a person that deserves it. Have a nice day and congrats Winking faceSmiling face with smiling eyesTwo hearts



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