How to flirt over text with a girl

How to flirt over text with a girl. Wondering how to get that beautiful lady you have a crush on or in love with to smile over text? Most people don’t know how to flirt over the text with a girl they love and makes its a very hard deal in doing that, so has come to your rescue, just take a sip of coffee and relax as we walk you down with some 50+ how to flirt over text with a girl.

How to flirt over text with a girl

Sending flirty texts tells somebody that they’re at the lead of your thoughts. It opens up the conversation and, in a perfect world, assists set with increasing your next date. All things considered, what would it be advisable for you to state in flirting texts? You need to put on a show of being sure yet not overbearing; amusing however not messy. Don’t overthink it, and keep it quick and painless. Trust us, these flirting texts will prompt longer conversations.

Here are 50+ how to flirt over text with a girl :

How to flirt over text with a girl #1: Ask a flirty question.

-Want to hear a secret?

-Why are you so cute?

-Do you miss me? Type “Y” for yes.

In the mood to have some fun?

-Do you like it when someone makes the first move?

-Our first kiss is going to be epic, don’t you think?

-What would you say if I asked you to come over?

Which emoji makes you think of me?

-Have I told you that I want to kiss today? Because I want to kiss you.

-I like you. What are you going to do about it?

-Want to have this conversation in person?

How to flirt over text with a girl #2: Be bold about how much you like them.

-I’m not big on the whole “wait three days” thing, so I’m texting you now.

-Seeing your name pop up on my phone screen makes me grin like an idiot.

-I don’t have anything interesting to tell you, but I really wanted to talk to you.

-You’re pretty freaking great.

I really like getting to know you.

-Everything makes me think of you.

-You’re pretty much my dream guy/girl.

-You never fail to give me butterflies.

-The more time I spend with you, the more I want to KEEP spending time with you.

-Even when I’m with you, I can’t seem to get close enough to you.

-I’ve been dreaming of you even when I’m wide awake.

-You’ve been on my mind a lot today. And it’s only 8:30 am.

-I can’t sleep. I blame you.

-You make my heart happy.

-I like you. More than a lot.

How to flirt over text with a girl #3: Reference the last time you were together.

-Our last date was really fun. I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun.

-It’s impossible to get any work done today because I can’t stop thinking about you.

-You looked really cute last night.

-I keep thinking about how good you look the last time we were together.

how to flirt over text #4: Reference the next time you’ll be together.

-We should probably go on another date soon.

-I wish you were here next to me right now.

-What does your week look like? Any room for me?

-You’re going to love the outfit I wear tonight.

how to flirt over text #5: Just make plans.

-This is me asking you out. Want to get coffee on Saturday?

-Let’s have drinks after work tomorrow.

-I’m craving sushi. We should get some for dinner this week.

-I’ve been wanting to see A Wrinkle In Time. Want to see it together?

flirting by text  #6: Get clever with emojis. (There’s more than just eggplant and peach.)

-[burger], [pizza], or [taco] tonight?

-Surprise! I got you flowers: [bouquet emoji]

-[office building] arrow] [beers clinking]

-Me when I get a text from you: [heart eyes]

-You’re [honey pot] with a side of [flame].

Flirty By Text Strategy #7: If your relationship is ready for it, don’t be afraid to get a little PG-13, or even R-rated.

-If you send me a sexy selfie, I might send one back.

-I’m not wearing any underwear right now. Just saying.

-I can’t wait to be alone with you again.

-If you kiss my neck, I’ll do anything you say. Knowledge is power, so use it wisely.

-Just wanted to let you know that I just got out of the shower.

-My thoughts of you are particularly R-rated today.

-This text entitles you to one kiss on the body part of your choice. Choose wisely…

-I can’t wait to be by your side again. Or on top if you prefer.

-Just thinking about all the things we could do if we were back at my place right now.

how to be flirty  #8: When in doubt, say what’s on your mind.

-This song reminds me of you.

-I was just talking about you the other day.

-Look at this ridiculous pic of Whiskers! He told me to tell you: “Meow.”

-You look so good right now. I can’t actually see you, but I assume you look good, because you always do.

-I’m using my last 2% of battery to text you that I’m thinking about you.

-Hey! Stop thinking about me so much!

-I had a dream about you last night.

-Everything about you makes me smile.


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