Video: My ugliness prevented me from becoming a doctor -AY Poyoo

AY Poyoo

Fast-rising Ghanaian rapper, AY Poyoo has made a shocking revelation about his appearance on an interview with Delay on the Delay show.

Speaking to Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay, the young artiste has revealed that while growing up, his mother wanted him to become a doctor as compared to becoming a musician.

AY Poyoo has indicated that due to his obvious ugly look, he realized that becoming a doctor wouldn’t be the right thing to do as it would rather be a turn-off.

For him, in the instance where a sick person wakes up from a coma, his looks alone would make the sick person die instantly.


Interestingly, he believes he is ugly and realized that the first time he looked into a mirror.

He further indicated that he wonders if he was downloaded from Google play store or otherwise.

In becoming a musician, he has stated that his mother didn’t have a problem with that but felt that becoming an established musician would take so much time and effort.

AY Poyoo made all these known in the exclusive interview on Delay TV. The full interview is yet to hit the airwaves and social media.


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