Tick-borne virus: All to know about the new virus


A new virus has hit China again called tick-borne virus outbreak. This Tick-borne virus is reported to have  killed seven people and infected 67 others so far.

The contagious virus, which is transmitted through tick bites, is said to be spreading across East China at an alarming rate. Virologists have warned the infection, known as ‘Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome’ (SFTS) can be transmitted through humans.

Tick-borne virus Symptoms

Some of the Tick-borne virus Symptoms include fever, coughing, fatigue, headaches, muscle aches and previous medical examinations on patients have shown a low platelet count and a decline of leukocyte in the blood.

Global Times reported more than 37 people in East China’s Jiangsu Province contracted the virus in the first half of the year.

While, 23 people were also infected in East China”s Anhui province.

While reports said at least seven people have died after contracting the disease in Anhui and East China”s Zhejiang province.

Dr Sheng Jifang, working at the Zhejiang University, said that the possibility of human-to-human transmission, via blood or mucus, could not be ruled out.


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