Barima Sidney

Ghanaian artiste Barima Sidney has advised his fellow musicians in the music industry who wish to endorse or write songs for any of the political parties in Ghana to make sure not to do it for free but rather they should charge them.

Recall back in 2016 the  “African Money” hitmaker composed a song for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and went ahead to endorsed them but during an interview on Akoma Fm in Kumasi, he said that musicians must use the business aspect of their craft.

“As a celebrity, when you decide to endorse any political party or candidate make sure you claim your cash. Never do it for free; I will never say that Just because you love the person or party. You only do that at the expense of your career; hence in any case you must take money”. He noted

“You can’t blame them in future if they don’t show appreciation after giving free endorsement”, he added.

However, Barima Sidney has clearly said that the New Patriotic Party did not pay him for his work because he did it out of love for the party.

It is therefore unclear if Sidney’s comment is as a result of the NPP not showing any appreciation for his work after winning the 2016 elections.

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