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Video: Anas’ documentary ‘Cashing in on Covid’


Its believe that iver  2,000 medical workers in Ghana have been infected by novel Coronavirus.

Africa Eye went undercover to show how some staff in Ghana’s hospitals have been selling vital PPE for personal profit.

Two officials of the Greater of Accra Regional Hospital (Ridge Hospital), Thomas Osei and Divine Kumodzi were caught selling Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) which were meant for the frontline workers.

The two staff of the hospital were seen diverting the PPEs for their private again.

Africa Eye investigators successfully negotiate and seal a PPE purchasing deal worth $450 with Thomas Osei.

Divine Kumodzi, on the other hand, made a fortune from selling PPEs which were made by the hospital itself to augment the ones they receive from the government and other institutions and persons.

Watch live Cashing in on Covid:




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