UK based Nigerian doctor, popularly known as Dr. Olufunmiayo on Twitter, has advised people to cut down on taking bread and tea together, especially when pregnant. Bread and Tea are unarguably one of the most popular meals we consume in the country and as consider perfect for breakfast. Asides from the fact that it’s easy and fast to prepare, it is also affordable by every class of people.

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According to the doctor taking bread and tea together by pregnant women is very harmful to their health. To him taking bread and tea together makes it difficult for the body to absorb iron.

The deficiency of iron in pregnancy can cause, premature delivery, or even death of the baby, before or after delivery.

He tweeted;

“If you are pregnant Taking a lot of bread and tea may be harmful for you Too much bread and tea together makes it hard for your body to absorb iron. Iron deficiency in pregnancy can cause: •Tiny baby •Premature delivery •Baby dead before/after delivery. RT pls. Save a life”

“Pregnancy on its own causes low blood levels for many women. Some of these women are placed on iron tablets to boost their blood levels. Now tea/coffee are known to make it difficult for the body to absorb iron.

And when taken with something like bread; the impact is worse. The advice is usually if you can: •Cut down on too much bread and tea together especially if pregnant and you have low iron or you are on iron tablets. •If you must have tea/coffee/bread, give yourself some hours before/after taking iron tablets. I hope this helps. Thank you.”

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