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Ghanaian engagement list among the Ewes


Ghanaian engagement list among the Ewes. Marriage is the legitimately or officially perceived association of two individuals as accomplices in an individual relationship (generally and in certain locales explicitly a joining between a man and a lady). With respect to how our way of life introduces itself, that is a similar way marriage and its activities vary starting with one culture then onto the next. In certain clans, customary relationships probably won’t be the custom to experience, however to other people, it fills in as a significant practice which if not performed would imply that the gatherings being referred to are not hitched.

Ghanaian engagement list among the Ewes

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Ghanaian engagement list among the Ewes

There are sure methods one must experience before getting married and in this article, you will find out about the Ghanaian engagement list among the Ewes. In the ewe setting, the couple both have a few commitments to perform, and among these are techniques that accompany the customary commitment list introduction. The list varies relying upon the specific clan and family from which the woman comes. A list of things is normally given to the husband to be to-be. Wedding from a ewe family, the man needs to follow through on for the lady of the hour cost and this typically accompanies a list. This list is regularly comprised of, however not restricted to the following:


Schnapps                                 2 Bottles (Foreign One)

Gin                                           1 Bottle

Minerals                                  1 crate

Cash                                        GH ¢100


  1. Engagement Ring and Holy Bible
  2. 6 Half pieces of Cloth (Real Wax)
  3. 6 pieces of Head Gear (Scarf)
  4. 2 Pair of Sandals and 2 Pair of Shoes (with Bag each)
  5. Ecolac Bag (Big One)
  6. 2 set of Jewelry and Watch
  7. 12 Panties or Under wears
  8. 6 Night Wears
  9. 6 Brassiere
  10. Lady’ Waist Beads and 1 Traditional Pant(Very Important)
  11. 1 Catholic Hymnal
  12. GH¢ 600


  1. 2 Bottles of schnapps (Foreign One)
  2. 1 Bottle of Dry Gin
  3. 1 Bottle of Dubonette
  4. 1 Bottle of whisky
  5. 1 Bottle of Akpeteshie
  6. 1 Pot of Palm wine or GH¢ 30
  7. 2 Cartons of Beer
  8. 2 Crates of Minerals
  9. 2 Crate of Malt


  1. Father In- Law GH¢ 250
  2. Mother In Law GH¢250
  3. Brother In Laws GH¢100
  4. Half Piece of Cloth (Real Wax) for Mother In Law (with Head Gear and Sandals)
  5. 1 Full Piece of Cloth (Real Wax) for Father In Law (with 1 Sandals)
  6. Family GH¢100
  7. Thank You GH¢ 50

Traditional marriage

Ghanaian engagement list among the Ewes

Traditional marriage under the law is a complete marriage ceremony, this is so because marriage goes through the legal process which is through the court also known as the customary marriage in Ghana. These three types of marriages in Ghana namely; traditional marriage, customary marriage, and church marriage. After the traditional marriage, the church marriage follows after which the customary marriage is done. This happens when the couple wants all three forms of marriage.

The traditional marriage of Ghanaians isn’t a promise but rather a complete action that is backed by law and traditions. Now, let’s look at the procedures one goes through before getting engaged among the ewes. Among the eyes, the first process is the KNOCKING which is done to make formal, the relationship between the to-be groom and bride. This is known in the Ewe language as ‘vɔƒoƒo’ .

Here, the family of the to-be groom goes to the to-be bride’s parents to ask formally for her hand in marriage. Among the Ewes, when a man is ready to marry, he must present a pot of palm wine to the girl’s father and this must be done by the man’s paternal and maternal aunts in order to inform the girl’s parents of their intentions to marry their daughter. After this, the messengers from the to-be groom are asked to come after a week or two for the answer.

This period allows them time to consider the request and to make underground investigations about the man and his family. After the investigation is over and the girl’s parents are satisfied with the man’s conduct and background, they allow them to perform the necessary marriage rites. For this, two bottles of locally brewed gin are offered to the bride’s family by the to-be groom in appreciation which is known as ‘vɔlenu’ or the knocking fee.

As soon as the people of the groom-to-be people learn of the acceptance of their request, preparations fully start by gathering the marriage payments that is the ‘Srɔnu’ and when it is ready, the groom’s paternal and maternal aunts carry it to the bride’s parents for inspection. In the case of insufficiency, the gifts are rejected by the bride’s family. After this process is done, the marriage is now concluded by giving the marriage payment and performing certain ceremonies which are also viewed to be important for the establishment of a legal union of which the bride is formally handed to the groom’s parents.

Another important thing is the consummation of the marriage, known as the ‘ɖoɖoabadzi’. Now the final process that is the formal handing over of the bride to the groom which is a short ceremony where both parents give short advice and encouragement to the couple is followed by the affirmation by both the bride and groom of their readiness to marry. This stage takes place in the bride’s father’s house. Before the bride joins her husband, a short prayer is said to the ancestors asking for their blessings for the couple.

After the prayer, the bride is taken away by the husband’s aunts accompanied by her own aunts. On her arrival, she is warmly received by the bridegroom’s father. Here, the couple is advised again to live peacefully. After this, the family head pours libation, asking for a successful marriage. On the day of the ceremony, the man is expected to bring along some peas locally called “Cantonese”

Ghana engagement dresses

As a matter of fact, the cloth has come a long way. From merely covering up the body, now clothes are worn to speak the mood of the occasion. In Ghana and all over the world, engagement wears have become a thing. Other than dressing for the occasion, different people have taken upon themselves to wear these clothes to test out their different creativity levels. When it comes to Ghana engagement dress styles, your options are basically endless. Below are some of the common and most trendy dress styles you should check out first in 2018! Ghana Engagement dress styles in Ghana

African print

When it comes to engagement dress styles in Ghana, the first item on your list should be the African print. The African print has become major fashion wear in Ghana that it is almost next to impossible to find any Ghanaian fashion picture that lacks this cloth design. Two distinctive features that make the African print design stand out in Ghana and more so in the wedding industry the bold colours it comes with and the complex prints it has. When choosing the African print dress for your engagement event, it is always advisable that you go for a dress with a unique and seamless pattern which has colors that complement the clothing.

Kaba dress

Again, when it comes to Ghanaian engagement dresses, your list won’t be complete if it does not contain the Kaba dress design in it. Classy is an understatement when it comes to describing this elegant dress design. Depending on your preferences, there are many fun dress design options to try out with the Kaba design. The other big win with this design is that you are able to match this engagement dress and hairstyle to your different pieces of jewelry thus, making you stand out as the most elegant lady in the room.

Ankara dress

One thing you need to know with Ankara’s designs is that they never disappoint! From simple casual wear designs to elegant and sophisticated designs such as those for engagements, you will never go wrong with Ankara designs. Ghanaian engagement ceremonies are always full of color and glam. In order to match up to these standards, you need to ensure that you yourself have the best outfit for the occasion. Make your statement bold and clear with your outfit. In addition to this, you need also to choose one that communicates the mood of the occasion. The above list from African print to Ankara dresses will you communicate this effectively.



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