Diwali is likely the most adored season for people of India, as all rejoin to laud the festival of lights and happiness. Although there’s a feeling of joy and warmth perceptible around the world, the course of action wherein we recognize this festival has gotten shaky and hazardous to the earth.

People burn a lot of firecrackers that contaminate the air in large amounts that we can notice on the very next morning of Diwali night. And it makes breathing difficult and is the reason for eye infections because of harmful smoke from firecrackers.

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Later, it leads to severe issues for our environment as well as our health. As we all know that Diwali is the only fest in which firecrackers pollute our environment, we should take the initiative to keep our environment safe.

Celebrations should not harm the environment, animals, and birds too. So be with this article and know about the ways to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali.

Don’t Use Electric Lights

Diwali is a celebration of lights; there is no doubt, but when you go out on the town to shop for fairy lights this Diwali, oppose the compulsion to purchase these eye-getting electric lights. There are different approaches to illuminate the house. Rather than that, search for earthen lamps and candles. Lighting your home naturally will enormously diminish your power utilization, and your enrichment will look much more beautiful and traditional too.

Say No To Firecrackers

Although there might be eco-accommodating fireworks available, they release poisons into the atmosphere despite everything. Keep away from the boisterous bombs wherever you are. Little kids and animals start crying and shaking each time there is a noisy cracker burst. Many lost animals living around your area can run over by vehicles each Diwali or get scorched. To be sure, even pets, a portion of the time, get tension along these lines. Rather than firecrackers, send Diwali gifts online and greet your near and dear ones.

Go For Natural Rangoli

The celebration of Diwali will be meaningless without decoration and rangolis. Instead of using chemical colors to make rangoli, use natural ingredients and flowers to beautify your home floor. Various natural things will be available in your kitchen like flour and rice for white color, Kumkum for red, haldi (turmeric) for the yellow color, Anise for the green color, and multiple daals that you can use to make natural rangolis. If you want to give your rangoli an even more impressive look, you can use the fresh multi-shade flowers. So, this 2020, make it try and experience the new way of making rangoli.

Set New Trend Of Gifting Plant

To celebrate eco-friendly Diwali, what could be best and more useful than gifting plants to your loved ones? Instead of sending sweets, go for Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend online on desired places and present your close people with a blessing of nature, plant. Gifts that are covered in plastic bags can harm the environment a bit; thus, giving plants is the best eco-friendly option that you can choose. Such a gift will surely be admired by your near and dear ones. To make it a perfect present, don’t forget to add a wishing greeting card.

Healthy DIY Desserts

A dessert which is made by you is also a great choice to gratify your family members. There are various sweet desserts that you can easily make at home. If you don’t know about this much, you can take the ideas from youtube or other foodie websites. Without dairy, choices are perfect for those touchy to lactose or unadulterated vegans. Or on the other hand, utilize the sans sugar desserts made with date sugar. Pick treats made with soya milk and coconut powder. Your precious one will praise you for such a sweet and healthier delicacy. So, be a chef this Diwali and ready for the Festive season with something sweet.

Turn down the volume of the music.

Noisy music in any structure is an aggravation. Slowing down the music can help the senior citizen and others who need to rest. You can’t be sure whether the neighbor wants to sleep because they have to wake up early to work or little children in the local who awakens from their dreams with that noisy music. Celebrate a peaceful Diwali that can’t affect others’ schedules. And in this way, you can make the happier Diwali, not for you only but all living around you.

We agree that changes are not so easy when it’s about celebrating your special functions. But if the change is healthy for the environment and people, then everyone should take the initiative. So, these are the ways which we mention above to celebrate eco-friendly. So, go through with this article, order Diwali gifts online, and celebrate an environmentally safe and secured Diwali.

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