A letter to  Santa. Well, we all wonder about that, right? The human wishes are just unlimited and they just want more even if one wish gets granted there will be another one well, if we could write a letter to Santa it won’t be a letter, it will be a book but one thing is there you can always send a merry Christmas cake to your loved one.

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Unfortunately, I really don’t know what you would want as the want and need varies from human to human. But if I could write a letter knowing that I would get anything for Christmas then I would ask for the following things that are there:


Remember the time when you and your best friend used to talk a lot and used to just enjoy how everything was, the late-night conversations before exams and everything that was there it all was just amazing on its own and you can always have it only if Santa could help you out a little with the wish.

Of course, we wish for that along with that we also wish for the same energy as before when we all used to just be ourselves. We still are but the enthusiasm is somewhere gone we are trying to make things happen and a lot of arbitraries have interfered with our lives and we are just making everything complex when it all is just simple.


There are times when we are just looking for happiness in the depths of the brain but are unable to find that because we are just “looking” for it. All we need to do is just sit still and just think about the happiness that is there and just enjoy the fun moments around us. Most of us are living in the past or the present but unable to find happiness because the happiness lies in the present and when you are happy, you radiate positivity, when you radiate positivity, everyone around you is happy. You can always send flowers from the best florists in Bangalore and just spread a little bit of happiness amongst your family members as well. Happiness is just everywhere; all you have to do is just feel it and close the doors of the past and relieve yourself of the burden of the future because the present is in our not the past or future.


Well, remember when we were children our parents used to take us to long rides and while coming back they used to buy us some cotton candy, chocolates, and ice creams and all these rides used to be amazing but now what is lost is that the big cars have been purchased but there are no trips. So, the best part would be just resuming those trips again and just going out with our parents without any worries that are there. This is another way of just rejoicing the days as they are. So just enjoy your time.


Well, now as the prevailing situations are there we are just not able to enjoy the time by ourselves, there are the news of the spread of the disease everywhere and the times have just turned negative so we are just looking for ways in which we could produce a vaccine and just control what has been happening but so far nothing is happening. There are advancements here and there but nothing concrete. So, things would really be better if all became normal. You can always go for the best flower delivery in Mumbai and just spread some positivity in these trying times.


I might be the lucky one and you are the lucky one but there are others who don’t even have the basic things that we have. Santa can always help these people out even if it’s a little. These people also deserve to enjoy the comfort of the home and the warm food and feast that is there as these people are not desiring something that is just out of the ordinary, they are just asking for the basic necessities that are there so that their days can get by. Santa can always fulfil the dream of a child who wishes to go to school or just help the poor man or woman just get the daily bread. These things can always happen if you just wish.

These are some things that I would like from Santa and hope he can fulfil all the wishes that are there and can spread some positivity in these trying times as well. There is a person in us who can make all these things happen and therefore maybe we can be our own Santa, well i’ll leave that for you to decide. Merry Christmas!

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