Details of the process of diagnosis about the cause of ED

Details of the process of diagnosis about the cause of ED. For people who are having erection problems, it is important to see a doctor as quickly as possible.

cause of  ED
cause of  ED

Most of the time it is found that people delay on this due to some superstitions and shyness to carry out a conversation in detail in such intimate matters. But whatever the reason for choosing a type of treatment will enable you to stay healthy and be fit again.

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How can you tell that you have erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a sexual disorder in men involving improper or no erection of the penis. Many people find it hard to have erections or sustain them for longer periods. These problems could arise due to some internal physical and mental disorders. But it is a person himself who is the first to identify whether he has ED or not.
Generally, when you have ED you don’t get rock hard erections for penetration. This means that you are not able to have sex with your partner. Often the signs of ED will deteriorate over time and you must visit a doctor while it is still in the earlier stages.
Earlier, it was thought that as people got older they will have erection problems. But it seems that it might not be that simple. Generally, this happens to people after their mid-forties or fifties. But it seems that it is not that simple to identify. There have been many younger people in their thirties who also have ED problems.
Some people also have erections but only for a while and it seem that this is not enough for you to have erotic pleasure.

Diagnosis for the cause of  ED

  • One of the best and most widely used forms of treatment is the use of medicines. Medicines such as Fildena 100 mg purple and Cenforce 100 mg online have been able to cure ED in patients.
    But before that, your doctor will generally as you to have a few medical tests. The reason for this is to identify a suitable form of treatment apart from finding out the underlying factor behind ED.
    There are various types of tests with a specific purpose that the doctor can recommend you with. This includes-
  • Physical exam
    A physical exam is important to find out whether the patient can have erections and for how long? There is also an external checkup done to find out whether there is any injury or damage.
  • Blood tests
    Blood tests are a very common test that can identify a range of disorders. It is important to know that the primary problem of why you have ED is due to low blood circulation and supply to the penis. Blood tests will determine factors like diabetes or even hint at possible cardiac conditions.
  • Urine tests
    A urine test will also be able to identify whether you have diabetes and other health conditions if any.
  • Ultrasonography
    After having an ultrasonography test and based on the images doctors will be able to identify whether there is any internal damage to penis tissues and if there is any problem in normal blood flow.
  • Psychological exam
    Like physical disorders, your ED can also be caused due to psychological problems. This includes stress, depression, anxiety, and tension. Psychological problems for ED can also be treated after reading the Cenforce 100 mg reviews at Arrowmeds.

What are the factors that cause ED?

ED can be caused due to physical disorders and mental psychological issues. The list of physical disorders includes Cardiac problems, nerve problems, liver and kidney problems, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity. Some of the lifestyle factors are also detrimental for ED and it can severely worsen due to that. These lifestyle factors include addiction to alcohol, drugs, excessive smoking.

Treatment for ED

You can try out medicines for curing ED. It is the most adopted form of treatment by most patients. The obvious reasons for medicines to be the most used form for having better erections is that it is relatively cheaper to continue medicines for a long time, low chances of side effects, and better treatment results.
You can buy medicines like Fildena 100 mg purple to cure ED. When you take a pill of Fildena 100 mg it increases the blood flow to the penis thus increasing its sensitivity. Upon stimulation, you will easily be able to have erections. Generic ingredients such as Sildenafil are prescription drugs and you will need to be recommended by a doctor before you can buy them.
Generally, your doctor will identify the brand of the medicine such as Cenforce or Viagra or others and even the dose which is ideal for intake without any harmful side effects.
You can buy ED medicines online or offline from shops. For bulk orders and better discounts, you can choose well known online medicine sellers such as Arrowmeds. It is better to read Cenforce 100 mg reviews at Arrowmeds before buying them.

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