Christmas gift

Well, there are times when we just receive a Christmas gift but we just don’t like it so much so we are just sitting there quietly and thinking about getting a gift that will just be perfect for us but sometimes no one understands our idea of a perfect gift.

There are times you cannot explain what you want and sometimes our parents or grandparents just confuse the things with each other but you don’t have to worry as you are about to relate your struggle with the blog or you can always get an idea of what kind of gifts that you should not give.

Another thing that comes here is that you must also see the intention behind it, you cannot show that you just don’t like the gift, instead, you just smile and say “thank you” even though your heart is broken as soon as you see what was inside the beautifully wrapped gift box.

The gifts which were under the tree seemed like a beautiful thing in the morning and something that you thought about while enjoying your favourite Christmas cakes but now it is all gone. What can one do? One just can be grateful and smile, here are the Christmas gift fails:


Imagine getting up to open your presents and your family tells you that there is an iPad in it but when you open it you find an “eye pad”, that is why they say that one should be careful with what they wish for. The iPad has confused many grandparents with the eye pad and that is just sad because hearing that you are getting an iPad feels like best news of the century especially if you are a kid who was just saving some money to purchase one but now, you must keep on saving so that you can eventually purchase an “iPad”, not an “eye pad”


Clothes seem perfect while looking for the gifts but grandma cardigan is not the ideal choice, you can buy jeans, shirt or anything that find in the store the moment you enter in there but a grandma cardigan is just not the thing for your young children, just opt for something that will make them just happy. You can just get some flowers from the florists in Bangalore and just gift it to them on Christmas but not that, at least they will learn how to care for the flowers.


If you know someone worried about them losing hair then this is the worst Christmas gift that you can give them, this is just embarrassing for them and this gift is just a big no! you can go for anything that you find but not this.

They will not appreciate it and might think that it is rude because when we are opening the Christmas gifts we are with our family and seeing that gift in the gift box is just depressing for them. If you have that as the gift then just think about choosing something else.


No matter how cheap and effective they may seem to you but the hygiene products are not an ideal choice for a Christmas gift as these gifts might give off the impression that the person is just unhygienic and this will seem to ride to them so what you can do here is that you can always go for the normal gifts and if you can not think of anything then just surprise them with cake and Flower Delivery in Chennai or wherever they are living right, that will be a better gift then the products you are thinking about.


Humorous gifts are just something that you can always give your cousins or anyone that you are close within the family but they are not the ideal choice when it comes to gifting.

For example, when you are gifting someone a cup shaped like a toilet, you might think that it is funny in the beginning but what will happen further, they just cannot even imagine drinking from that so you must think about keeping the humour to the minimum I these occasions as humour is subjective, what you think is funny might not be funny for others.

Gifts are a perfect way of expressing how you feel about them and when it comes to Christmas the extended family also comes around to celebrate so gift something that you think that they will love, not something that you “think” will be loved by them, you can always ask them or keep an eye on their Wishlist if they maintain one and gift them the gifts accordingly. Merry Christmas!


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