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Bajaj Dominar 250 Review

Bajaj Dominar 250 Review

Bajaj Dominar 250 Review. Indian motorcycle buyers take into consideration various factors when buying a bike; one of them being the cubic capacity of the engine. It’s the number of ‘CCs’ that leave an impression about performance and frugality in the minds of an enthusiast.

 Bajaj Dominar 250 Review

Bajaj understands this and has decided to cater to buyers who are bound to be lured by a lower capacity Dominar, particularly to those who thought that the 400cc Dominar was a handful.

While the Dominar may have a smaller engine now, it still promises terrific touring capability and offers good comfort for long distances. We swing a leg over to tell you if this bike is worth considering.

Quite a looker

The Bajaj Dominar has a number of fans, and this smaller capacity Dominar looks no different from its larger capacity sibling. The full LED headlight is from that of the Dominar 400, and the bike’s muscular lines and panels remain.

Even the exhaust has been borrowed from the Dominar 400. However, details like the D250 badging on the tail section and the standard alloy wheels will help you separate it from its larger-capacity sibling.

Also, the lower half of the 250 is not as bulky, because of the smaller engine and the slimmer tyre. It’s basically more-or-less a copy-paste job, but we aren’t complaining.

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The details

Even the instrument cluster is identical, barring a few changes. One of the instrument pods include the  Bajaj logo with a pair of tell-tale lights as well.

There are no gear position and mileage indicators, but the tidy looking digital instrument cluster looks good. The switchgear is the same too, and gets a gloss black finish.

Swing a leg over

The Dominar 250 is a very comfortable motorcycle to be seated on, thanks to the perfect rider’s triangle. The seat height remains untouched and the handlebars are from the Dominar 400, meaning you are positioned in an upright manner whilst being relaxed too.

The foot pegs are placed in the centre. The split seat offers good comfort and thanks to the light bar-end weights, the bike is easy to manoeuvre. The mirrors are solidly built and provide a good view of what follows.

On the go

The Dominar 250 is powered by a single-cylinder, liquid-cooled, 248.8cc engine that produces 26bhp and 23.5Nm of torque. The engine runs smoothly in the low-end and the mid-range is strong, making it quite peppy. The 6-speed transmission is quite smooth and comes with a slipper clutch. The clutch feels light as well.

Throttle response isn’t particularly instant, but that also makes it a breeze in the city. Vibrations can be felt, but mostly when you redline the bike. The suspension setup is on the soft side and thanks to its lighter weight, it feels agile when changing directions. The brakes bite well and it feels stable when cornering.

The final word

The Dominar 250 shares many of its components with its larger capacity sibling and comes across as a good all-round motorcycle.

It isn’t particularly fast, but definitely looks attractive and is a very capable touring bike, making it good value for money. Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming bikes, only at autoX.



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