CAPM: definition of production management

CAPM: definition of production management.Optimize your production cycles and, consequently, increase your industrial performance.

Production management: why? How? ‘Or’ What?

Production management, definition
The aim of production management is to organize and streamline all the stages of industrial production. There are three stages in the production cycle:

Scheduling: generation and distribution of production orders between machines, production planning.

Production: machine operation, operator management and management of raw material stocks.

Controls and records: quality control, recording of stock movements, recording of times.

The challenges of production management

The quality of the management of production flows is strategic to obtain an overall performance of the production tool. This by combining the safety and well-being of operators, control of costs, deadlines and, also, quality and respect for the environment. Indeed, the difficulty of production management stems from the concomitant control of a large number of variables.

The advantages of a CAPM solution
CAPM, definition

Computer Aided Production Management (CAPM) leverages digital resources to optimize production management, in particular through planning, real-time monitoring and analysis functions.

The benefits of a CAPM solution
A CAPM solution improves the synchronization of production flows, the precision and traceability of operations and, also, the control of consumption. As a result, the industrial company records a reduction in its production costs, a limitation of its stocks, a better predictability of its lead times, productivity gains and the reduction of production interruptions and, finally, an improvement in its compliance and of its quality.

Synchronized with a commercial management solution, or included in an integrated software package, industry CAPM contributes to the fluidification and automation of the collective operation of the company.

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The CAPM / CMMS difference CAPM: definition of production management

A CMMS (Computer Aided Maintenance Management) software facilitates the task of maintenance departments and optimizes their efficiency. Concretely, the CMMS adds to the CMMS a better availability of machines.

Recognize a powerful CAPM solution


Advanced tools further add to performance: calculation of net needs, estimator, planning module, etc. As a result, the richness of the library of dashboards allows the company to manage its production cycle by defining its own indicators.


The diversity of the nomenclatures as well as the precision of the ranges facilitate the planning, management and control of operations. Indeed, the possibility of variants (subcontracting, substitution of components) gives flexibility and responsiveness to production.

Customer information

The traceability of operations and the capitalization of history make the information given to customers more reliable. The turnaround times are more precise and the capacity to keep promises strengthened. The treatment of emergencies is then facilitated.
Choose a CAPM solution adapted to your needs

A dedicated production and manufacturing management software package
Easier and faster to implement, your solution is purely limited to the production cycle. You have a powerful application to manage your technical data, plan your production orders, monitor your work in progress and analyze your production costs.

A CAPM module integrated into an ERP
Your CAPM solution is integrated into a global software package which centralizes all your data and combines in an interoperable suite the commercial management, accounting and production management modules, possibly a digital marketing  management module. Stocks, HR management and CRM.

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