How To Deal With Pain From High Heels

High heels pains

Admit it. You love high heels. Aside from giving you that extra height boost, they also look great and flatter your legs. Give a woman the right pair and she’ll strut around feeling confident. But as much as you love them, there are days when you can end up wearing a stylish outfit only to be sidelined by excruciating high heels pain.

High heels pains

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Whether you’re thinking about those cute high heeled stilettos or those gorgeous tall pumps, we’ve got the tips on how to properly manage walking in high heels. It won’t be easy to master the skill but with the right tricks, everyone can walk around town with pain-free feet. Read on to find out more!

Wear The Right Size

One can argue that wearing the right shoe size is the most obvious tip here. Before you go on your next compulsive shoe shopping spree, remember to measure your feet first. We know that you want to buy all the hottest pairs but it would be wise to look for the perfect fitting ones too.

Don’t rely on your current shoe size because the sizes produced by shoe manufacturers differ from each other. Save yourself from cramming your wide feet into those tiny and narrow shoes.

To ensure that the shoes are the right fit, check if there’s ample space between your longest toe at the end of the shoe. By doing so, you’re avoiding the potential pain implications when wearing high heels such as hammertoes, bunions, and lower back pain.

Check Your Foot Type

You may not notice it, but there are different foot types such as normal arch, flat arch, and high arch. The key to managing wearing high heels all day is knowing where your foot type falls. After all, it is responsible for the foot impact produced when walking.

Not sure about your foot type? Try dipping your foot in the water and then stepping on a piece of construction paper. It will show you how flat your foot is or how high your arch is. Checking out your foot type will help in reducing high heels pain greatly. Remember that there are shoe manufacturers that offer proper arch support.

Start With Lower Heels

Before wearing those sky-high 6-inch heels, you may want to try out a shoe that has a reasonably low heel height first. Getting used to a low heeled shoe will help you in managing those taller pairs.

In the Philippines, there are plenty of shoe retailers that sell beautiful pairs that never compromise style despite having low heels such as Tutum. Remember that taking baby steps will all be worth it in the future.

Have a Back-Up Pair

If you’re the type of girl who needs to wear high heels all day it will be wise to bring backup shoes to change into. After a long day, your high heels may inevitably give you nasty blisters.

There’s no harm in transitioning into stylish sandals. Go ahead and style your outfit without sacrificing the fashionista in you with fashion-forward flats.

If you really can’t do away with heels, you can always turn to platform heels. The soles of platform heels are much thicker than those thin stiletto heels. They raise your feet as well as your heels, which means having a more comfortable foot angle. Do this and your feet will surely thank you.

Use an Insole Shoe Insert

Ever seen those over-the-counter shoe accessory racks at your favorite local footwear store? You may see insole cushions that are truly lifesavers for high heel lovers. Try purchasing one and place it on the soles of your high heels.

Insole cushions help combat foot soreness for they hold your feet in place properly. They are typically made of latex foam, memory foam, or silicone. The silicone ones are the perfect go-to foot care product because they are made of soft gel materials. Leave your feet feeling fresh despite wearing heels throughout the day.

Stretch Your Feet

Giving your feet a break every once in a while will make a huge difference in managing high heels pain. After standing for long periods, take off your heels and stretch your feet.

The stretches you’ll want to do are the ones that target the ankle and the front of the foot. Try pointing your toes down and then pulling your toes up. Your ankle and calf muscles will thank you for this simple stretch.

There are several ways to cope with wearing high heels and giving your feet a breather and a stretch is some of them. Valuing comfort will always be helpful in taking care of your feet.

Key Takeaway

When it comes to wearing high heels, you will inevitably encounter some kind of pain along the way. Luckily, there are tips to deal with these. By following our simple guide and wearing the perfect fitting pair, strutting around town will never be easier for you.

Remember that your local shoe manufacturers are stepping up their style game and are constantly coming up with stylish heels that aren’t painful and uncomfortable. You won’t have to worry about sacrificing comfort just for fashion now.


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