Aries Birthstone

Aries Birthstone is diamond dedicated to those lucky individuals that are born on the dates between 20 March and 21 April. The zodiac symbol for this stone is RAM and Fire is an element associated with this gem. The ladies owners of this star feel extra pleasure and pride to wear this sparkling stone on their birthday. Once Aries Birthstone tries to feel all of its attributes in them when they wear it.


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Aries Birthstone

Obscure Facts about Aries Birthstone

Diamonds are also used in jewelry most preferably; it is used in the engagement and wedding jewelry that is sign of delight and dignity in the wearers. Except for these legends, diamond inherits some obscure facts that are listed below:

  • The ancient Romans strongly attached to the concept that diamonds were fragments of the fallen star whereas Greeks strongly denied this belief and they admitted that Cupid’s arrows were bent with diamonds.
  • The diamond origin was found 6000 ago in the rocks of India.
  • Aries Birthstone has discovered hundreds of miles below the earth and due to strong volcanic eruption; they made their place near the surface of the earth.
  • It is an allotropic form of carbon and due to the growth of temperature and pressure in the deep earth, the chemical changes modified the bonding structure of carbon, and the diamond was formed.
  • The word diamond is derived from “adamas” that has meaning impassable. It is one of the hardest elements in the world that is used for adornment as well as for cutting and polishing purposes.
  • In the past, ancient Hindus used to think it as a sign of power in them when they wear it and it can save them with its potential traits.
  • In the ancient cultures, this stone was used by the warriors to win the battles as it developed the strength and courage in the wearers. The kings of the old era embedded this stone on their armor when they step forward in the battle.
  • In Middles Ages, it was considered as remedy providing agents to dish up panacea to the ailments that are in the range from fatigue to mental illness.
  • This gemstone is used for everlasting love and it the best gift for the 60th marriage anniversary.
  • This Aries Birthstone Color is white with a high price in the market. It is graded from D to Z. D is for the white stone that has a lot of glittering attributes. As we move to the next grade of diamond its color is changed because of the inclusion of some structural impurities in the stone. The stone with grade Z is found in deep yellowish color.
  • The main impurity that was discovered in this gemstone is the impurity of the nitrogen element.
  • Two types of impurities are discovered in the diamond. The first one is an inclusion that is because of the existence of an impure element in the diamond and the second one is blemished that often make its place on the surface of the diamond.
  • A high priced diamond is discovered that has no impurity in it and it is called a flawless diamond.
  • The diamond sparkles because of the Cut applied to it.




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