5 Ways to Remove Pesticide Residue from Vegetables and Fruits

Pesticide Residue  

5 Ways to Remove Pesticide Residue from Vegetables and Fruits

Pesticides are used to protect crops and fruits from insects. These pesticides have a big impact on the fruits and vegetables we buy from the market. But this pesticide is harm full for our health and because of this pesticide many people are affected by various diseases

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Today I’ll share with you 5 Easy Ways to Pesticide Residue from Vegetables and Fruits. Visit my website TrickLoft.Com here you’ll find something coolest stuff about, tips & tricks, health, technology, and lifestyle.

Let’s began!!

If vegetables are not washed properly, these pesticides get into our stomachs and damage the immune system and internal organs.

These vegetables and fruits need to be properly cleaned before using such conditions. Today we will inform you about 5 techniques of washing fruits and Veggies that completely remove pesticides on them.

So let’s find out what is the greenwashing method?

Rinse with mild water:

It is more practical to wash vegetables with warm water. Washing vegetables in chili water does not completely remove their related pesticides, so try washing vegetables and fruits in mild sizzling water.

Soak in vinegar and rinse:

Just washing vegetables and fruits with water is not enough. You can use vinegar for this. To do this, first put the mixture of vinegar and water together. It should include 10 pcs of vinegar and 90 pcs of water. Soak and wash the vegetables in this mixture.



Homemade cleaning sprays:

Vegetables and fruits bought from the market contain a lot of pesticides. In this case, they need to be used only after they have been washed properly. Washing them properly you can make a cleaning spray in the dwelling. For this, take two teaspoons of lemon juice, baking soda, and a cup of water and mix it together. When washing vegetables and fruits you spray this mixture on them after which wash them.

Boil it and peel it:

This is an effective recipe for laundry pesticides from vegetables and fruits. For this, cook the green vegetables quietly. Now separate the shell from it.

With the use of saltwater: another answer may be ready to clean vegetables. Prepare a mixture by taking 98 % water and 2% salt. Soak the vegetables in this mixture and leave for 15 minutes. This completely washes away the pesticides on vegetables and fruits.

Eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits is one of the best things you can do for your health. But you should try pesticide residue as much as possible and clean the vegetable and fruits properly. I already published another article about How to Increase Stamina Naturally in Pandemic “COVID-19” read this article and try to learn something new about how to live better!

I hope this article really helps you to better tack care for your family and relative.

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