Yummy Delights to Treat your Wife with on Karwa Chauth

Karwa Chauth is the festival when a wife fasts for an entire day for her husband’s prosperity and good health. All of us need to know the pressure and pain it takes to stay hungry for the whole of a day. Karwa Chauth is an ancient Indian tradition that shows a wife’s love and affection to her husband. It’s a tradition that every wedded Hindu woman fasts for her husband once a year. On this auspicious day, she fasts and gets ready and prays for her husband’s well being. The festival is held mainly in the northern part of India and predominates in Gujarat, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, Rajasthan, and Delhi.

Karwa Chauth

The festival starts with all the rituals done in the early morning, till the moon rises. The woman before sunrise eats fruits and delicious, which are given to her mother-in-law. The delicacies that she receives from her mother-in-law are known as sargi. After the early morning sargi, she straightaway is going to eat after seeing the moon. So, all the hubbies must be understanding how much time it is for her to stay hungry. You for sure must be planning to give Karwa Chauth gifts, isn’t it? If yes, then you can also double up the surprise by making some yummies treat for her.

Makhana Aloo Tikki

Makhana Aloo Tikki Recipe is one of the most nutritious and delicious snacks. These are made up of pounded, roasted, and yummy lotus seed. We all know that lotus seed or makhanas are full of nutrients and can be very delicious when fried. This yummy recipe is spiced up with the best Indian spices and has potatoes added into it. Once makhanas, potatoes, and spices are mixed properly, you can make flat round tikkis out of this. Then you can fry them in hot oil until they turn golden brown from both sides.

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Amritsari Dal

Till now, you must know that dal is a great and authentic dish made on the occasion of Karwa Chauth. The Amritsari dal is made up of a mixture of chana dal and black urad dal cooked in a cooker with heat. The dal is then seasoned with traditional spices and sauteed with garlic, ginger, and onion. You can serve her this yummy Amritsari dal along with jeera rice and naan.

Badam Halwa

We will not be wrong if we say that sweets are amongst the most quintessential eateries, which is needed for sure. In such a situation, Badam halwa is made at almost all the festivals. To make this, almonds are soaked in water for a night and then ground into a fine mixture. It is then fried in ghee and then boiled in Kesar milk for a rich taste. You can undoubtedly try this yummy delicious dessert for your loved one on this Karwa Chauth.

Green Chutney Recipe

Chutneys and pickles have been considered to enhance digestion when eating food after such a long time. You can hence make some green chutney for her, which she can eat along with the food. The chutney is made by blending fresh green dhaniya leaves and some mint leaves, lemon, chilies, and ginger. You can also add some sugar along with salt to make the taste tangy.

Ajwain Puri Recipe

Ajwain Puri Recipe has a very basic Indian bread made on almost every special occasion, then how can you forget it on Karwa Chauth. It is made up of wheat flour and some roasted ajwain being added into it. The bread is then fried in the oil, which will then give it a puffy and crispy texture.

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Hope with all these recipes, and you are ready to make a delicious Karwa Chauth fasting platter for her. So, to all the hubbies who wish to accentuate the surprises for their wives, we are here with all these dishes that you can cook. After an entire day of fasting, she deserves to get surprised. It is not just because of the fasting but all due to the efforts she makes for your well-being. But yes, do not forget to order Karwa Chauth gifts for Wife, which is very important for her.


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