Importance of pursuing Postgraduate degree from the University of Zambia

So what’s next after you graduate with your Bachelor’s degree? Trying to find a good job and start earning right away or want to continue studying for a Master’s and seek a better career afterward?  It sounds tempting when you plan to start working at once, taking into account all the hardships you have put into graduating with your Bachelor’s.


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But, do you think it’s the right decision, instead of pursuing Master’s? Earlier Bachelor’s Degree used to be the ticket to a dream job. But now more and more graduates with a BA or BS in certain fields are finding it difficult to enter the job market without an advanced degree. Moreover, there are several industries, such as medicine, law, and economics, where the Master’s Degree is the basic requirement. It’s undoubtedly a qualification to be proud of and if you want to take your career to the next level, then look no further than pursuing a postgraduate degree from the University of Zambia.

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As for many of you, it’s a big investment of time, effort, and, money. So, don’t you think it’s always better to know if going for it will be ‘worth it’? Well, this post has all the answers!

It helps you gain specialized knowledge
Earning a master’s degree helps you gain specialized knowledge to advance in your field and enhance industry expertise and credibility. Also being a postgraduate from one of the top universities of Zambia, keeps you focused more on a particular field of study, develops skillsets to make you more competitive and confident.

It provides a new direction to your interests in more depth
Although most undergraduate degrees allow students to choose modules according to their personal interests, a Master’s degree does this to a much greater extent. You will be given ample scope to conduct independent research in order to develop your thoughts and ideas regarding a field that deeply interests you.

Attending extracurricular like volunteer program activities and meetings, hearing from guest speakers and lecturers, ensures plenty of opportunities to engage with your subject from multiple angles.

It provides you job security during career change:

It is often seen that on average people change jobs at least three to five times in their lifetime. While, some careers are hard to take off without a deserving experience, holding a master’s degree undoubtedly provides you security in the area of your expertise. Furthermore, it serves as an assurance that you are a serious candidate with a high degree of professionalism when you decide to make a career shift down the road. Even if you decide to move into an area in which you are unfamiliar, having a master’s degree gives you an edge over others in the job market and compensates for the experience you lack.

Master degree provides you with better employment prospects

According to the research made by labor statistics Bureau, unemployment rate for Bachelor and associate degree holders, are much more in contrast to unemployment rates for masters. Hence, if you are looking for an optimum career boost into advanced positions, now is the right time to opt for postgraduation! Moreover, higher earning potential is one of the most-cited reasons for enrolling in a Master’s degree. Well, even if this isn’t your main focus, you will bag it as an added advantage.

You gain lifelong learning

With higher studies and experiences, you tend to gain much more in-depth knowledge.  Discipline-specific, advanced coursework with skills like critical thinking, analytic ability, and time management comes along with Master’s degree course.

As a result, not only do you get enough time to improve on the areas you lack but also become capable to tackle complex projects more easily than others. Furthermore, it helps you prepare for a life of constant learning. You can tap into higher salaries with a Master’s Degree because you will be eligible for positions that require more advanced skill sets.

If you don’t have time to physically attend a postgraduate class, do not worry. Many universities like Cavendish University of Zambia have the option to pursue Master’s degree online, thus allowing you to create a schedule that works best only for you.

Be it MBA, masters in development studies or postgraduate diploma in monitoring and evaluation, CUZ, since 2004, has continuously proved to be the most prestigious and the deserving college for those who have the perks to swim across the currents and chase their dreams.

In CUZ, online learning is flexible and is designed to enhance student’s learning experience by providing an online/offline interactive platform where you will be able to track and monitor your progress, and also access lecturers during dedicated hours.

As a working adult, if you find enrolling yourself for a postgraduate degree is quite burdensome, then you need to look at what CUZ has in kitty for you.

With CUZ program for working adult, pursuing postgraduate is now manageable

Most lecturers for these programmes has the required industry knowledge and expertise that you expect of. Interactive academic content is provided on digital devices in advance so that you can have a personalized learning environment with a learning platform to adapt yourself based on your learning pace.

So, if you are a working adult and you find it difficult to manage your office and your career, this unique model of working and pursuing higher studies is just what the doctor ordered. Call them right now at +260 211 387600 and have a word with the professionals.

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