5 Tips to Relieve an Exhausting Work-from-Home Situation Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 Pandemic
Tired woman with papers and laptop yawning at night office.Tired businesswoman yawning working on computer sitting at desk, sleepy employee gaping suffering from lack of sleep, feeling bored or chronic fatigue in office concept, side view

5 Tips to Relieve an Exhausting Work-from-Home Situation Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

Your job is important. It’s your main source or one of your main sources of income. More often than not, it’s something in line with your chosen career, or it’s something you are passionate with. You’re too lucky if it’s your dear liking, at the same time it’s earning you a lot. You know that reality nowadays that it’s quite hard to have both. 


In the middle of the pandemic the world is experiencing today, one of the things that you will surely call a big blessing is having a secured job. Countries are in a difficult situation, and businesses are negatively affected.

Many companies closed, and any are considering a shut down because of the loss of income. You must definitely be grateful if you are employed right now, without a problem, right? Because of the availability of home-based jobs and work-from-home options in many companies, employment amidst this crisis is still possible. 


Thanks to technology and the Internet, businesses which are manageable online can still operate. This is beneficial for the company owners who don’t want to lose their firm and for their employees who want to stay safe inside their homes. 


Working from home is such a big advantage for employees because that equates to no stressful traffic and no less expenses for outdoor requirements such as fares and food. You cannot deny that it’s much more comfortable at home, but here’s the thing: Working from home can also be exhausting.

Why should you know this, and why should employers understand this? Because many have the misconception that just because it’s work from home, it’s no longer difficult. Mind you, the work itself is still the work done inside the workplace; the only thing different is the setting. 


Especially in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people cannot fully focus and are distracted by many other responsibilities aside from their jobs. Now, since working from home is still the safest way to protect one’s life from the threat of the Coronavirus, you just have to handle things better. If you are getting tired and drained while working from home, know that you can relieve yourself. Here are 6 ways you can do that!



 COVID-19 Pandemic
Tired woman with papers and laptop yawning at night office.Tired businesswoman yawning working on computer sitting at desk, sleepy employee gaping suffering from lack of sleep, feeling bored or chronic fatigue in office concept, side view

For corporate employees, in-store businessmen and other workers who need a particular space for computers, laptops, paper documents and the like, a pleasant and effective workstation at home is a NEED! 


An unorganized corner with cluttered stuff is not ideal because it could be distracting and chaotic, disabling you to focus and be comfortable while working. Just the same, a too cosy spot with pillows, blankets and a lot of food is not ideal because it could make you lazy, sleepy and leisurely. Both of these will lead to unproductive and unfinished tasks which will cause you tons of stresses and mountainous to-do lists!


Maintain a healthy home office that will make you work efficiently though there could be some distractions. Ascertain proper ventilation and sufficient lighting. Set a table and a chair that’s best for good working posture. Keep your workstation sanitized at all times.



 COVID-19 Pandemic

When you are working from home, the tendency to sit all day is higher than when you are in the office. Why? In the office, you go outside to eat lunch or take refreshment breaks, so you get to stand and move around. At home, you might just sit all the time because it’s your place, and you won’t have to go out. 


Keep in mind that sitting down for too long can be harmful to physical health too. It’s one of the main culprits of back pains, hip pains, cramps and bad postures. While you are at home, see to it that you take time to exercise your body as well. 


Whether or not you have your own exercise equipment, you can work out and maintain a fit and healthy body. Stretching, walking around, jogging in place and jumping jacks are among the basic exercises you can do. 


Exercising enhances mental health too. You are able to relax and rejuvenate despite demanding work tasks. Moreover, it energizes your body and activates your mind to think more widely, clearly and creatively. Sleepiness and inactiveness cannot access you while you do your work, thus, you can complete assignments faster and better!


COVID-19 Pandemic

Finishing your tasks is essential, but skipping meals isn’t the key to it. Well, honestly, there are times when setting aside some lunch breaks to conclude an urgent client and boss request is needed, but don’t make it a habit! 


You need to eat. You can work better with a tummy that’s full and satisfied. It’s hard to come up with unique ideas and precise decisions when you are hungry. What’s more, frequently skipping meals leads to illnesses such as ulcers. 


One more thing to note: Value homemade meals! Recall that when you were free to go outside before this pandemic, most of the food you eat are from fast food restaurants and instant grubs. This time, cherish the moments when you can enjoy homemade dishes. They can be cooked by your parents which make these foods even more special! Or you can cook on your own too — that’s another de-stressing activity during the quarantine period!


While you are probably longing to have your favorite restaurant foods, don’t forget to prioritize home-cooked meals! Eat healthier, so you can relieve mental stresses too!


 COVID-19 Pandemic

Take breaks in the middle of your work tasks. Watch shows and movies to keep your mind at ease and entertained. If you don’t want to spend 30 minutes or an hour between your to-do list, you can just do it after!


If possible, avoid using social media as your resting activity (like scrolling through your Facebook feed or Twitter timeline). Why? Often, you are just wasting time while getting exposed to toxicity. 


It would be better to watch inspiring, uplifting and funny shows and movies. They can make you feel better and forget your worries in work even for some time. 



 COVID-19 Pandemic

Time management is very significant. You should have this to avoid giving yourself too much burdens, especially related to work. 


Complete your deadline requirements. Start what you have to start. Set your schedules and priorities straight. Expect the unexpected. Prepare back-up plans for work techniques which might not function as expected. 


When you’re done with what you have to do, close your PC, and rest. Unless there’s an enormous need to work overtime, just work within your designated working hours. Call it a day!



 COVID-19 Pandemic

Working from home can be dragging and tough too. Just because it’s done at home does not mean that it’s already perfect. Not to mention, some facilities needed to accomplish work are situated in the office building. The Internet connection in the workplace is comparably better than inside the house. Electricity bills are higher at home too because of the work. These are just some of the many things that can add up to the stress that the job itself already brings. That’s why on the other hand, employers should not think that employees awe it all to them for being allowed to do so.


Do not forget that if you are working from home, you can take a break, and you must! Keeping yourself healthy amidst this COVID-19 pandemic is highly important. Protect yourself, not only from the virus itself but also from other illnesses that might weaken your immune system. Relieve yourself from a tiring work-from-home situation!







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