Video: Ayitey Powers reject GH100,00 to campaign for NPP


Ghanaian professional boxer Ayitey Powers has been sighted in a viral video narrating how he rejected an amount from NPP members to promote their 4 more 4 nana political campaign.

The boxer said that he was given an amount of GHC100,000 and a car as part of the deal but he turned it down.

Ayitey Powers made it clear that his reason is that he can’t follow his stomach and betray Ghanaians.


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As a saying he would have accept their amount but will decline their promotion.

He said people have lost their jobs with others suffering from economic hardship, hence, as a concerned Ghanaian, he won’t betray them.

Giving more details, he revealed that it was Ghanaian business mogul, Kenpong, who contacted him and arranged a meeting where they met in Osu, Accra.



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