Top 10 tourist sites to visit in Volta Region of Ghana

Volta Region of Ghana

Searching for the Top 10 tourist sites to visit in the Volta Region of Ghana? Well, search no more as we are about giving you some awesome tourist sites to visit when coming to Ghana. Volta Region is one of Ghana’s ten administrative regions, with Ho designated as its capital.

It is located west of the Republic of Togo and to the east of Lake Volta. Divided into 25 administrative districts, the region is multi-ethnic and multilingual, including groups such as the Ewe, the Guan, and the Akan peoples. The Guan peoples include the Lolobi, Likpe, Akpafu, Buem, and Nkonya people, et al.

Top 10 tourist sites to visit in Volta Region of Ghana

Below are the Top 10 tourist sites to visit in the Volta Region of Ghana;

1.Wli Waterfalls

Wli Waterfalls is the tallest waterfall in all of West Africa and Volta Region of Ghana! You have to descend about 250 steps to see the waterfall from below where the fall looks the most beautiful. You will get lost at the sight of fascinating waters splashing in white on the ground right before you before finally flowing away, leaving you astounded and dazzled.

Volta Region of Ghana

2.Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary

The people of Tafi Atome have a unique way of treating their monkeys. The monkeys are deeply revered by these people because of the traditional significance that is attached to the monkeys. In fact, these people hold funeral rites for dead monkeys before finally burying them in a cemetery that was built for the sole purpose of keeping dead monkeys. Now, the monkeys are so free with the people so much that they eat from the hands of the people. The Mona monkey is the most prominent monkey species here.

3.Mount Afadjato And Mount Gemi

Pay a visit to the tallest mountain in all of Ghana, rising to a height of 885 meters into the skies. The second tallest mountain, Mount Gemi is 611meter tall. Mount Afadjato is located very close to Gbledi and Liati Wote near the borders of Togo while Mount Gemi is located at the Amedzofe township.

4.Lake Volta Estuary

The estuary is an area of great scenic beauty with river and ocean beaches, and picnic spots shaded by a palm trees. The sand bars are the nesting grounds for sea birds, and endangered species of twitter are still found here.

5.Kalakpe Game Production Reserve

At Abutia, 15km from ho, the reserve has increasing species of migratory and indigenous birds life, buck, buffalo and monkeys.

6.Tagbo Falls

This waterfall is incredibly beautiful. It flows from the Ghana-Togo mountain range. It is covered by green vegetation and has cages forming at the sides. It does not have a big plunge pool as the Wli one but is beautiful in its own way. Visitors are charged a minimal fee.

7.Kyabobo National Park

Every available evidence points to the fact that the Nkwanta district is very rich in game and wildlife. There are heads, skins and bones of animal that have been killed by hunters, especially at Kue. The heads include those of the buffalo, various types of monkeys, hyena, red-river hog and variety of birds. Consequently a national park, Kyabobo National Park, has been created near Kwanta. It is noteworthy to state that the Togolese have a national part at the other side of the Ghana-Togo ranges called Parc National de Fazao.

8.Fort Prinzenstein

Fort Prinzenstein is a fort located at Keta, Ghana which was used in the slave trade. Many such forts were built in Africa, but Prinzenstein is one of the few that lie east of the Volta River. It was initially built by Danish traders in 1784 for defensive purposes in a war against the Anlo Ewe and to keep the area safe from other colonial powers.

9.Tafi Abuipe Cultural Centre

This kente-weaving centre is fun to visit and there’s less of a hard-sell than at similar villages in the Ashanti region. You can visit the weaving room, tour the village and have kente-weaving lessons. The kente in this part of Ghana is good value and with a bit of notice, villagers will produce any textile to any measurement and deliver it to where you’re staying.

Kente weaving in Tafi Abuipe.

10.Holy Trinity Spa

Holy Trinity Spa is one of the top five tourist destinations in the Volta Region.  It is located in a serene quite environment, along the Volta River, in Sogakope.

It is a good place for relaxation and holidays. It can cater to programs and activities like: retreats, honeymoons, wedding receptions, health vacations, and many others. It is definitely a place to cool off and release off some stress. The Spa has boats and jet skis for cruising on the Volta lake.


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