9 Smart Ways to Become More Patient in a Relationship

Become More Patient in a Relationship

Patience is a virtue every lover must strive to develop in his character. However, some lovers find it difficult to develop this virtue or feel they should be doing more to become more patient in a relationship so that they can be better lovers.

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9 Smart Ways to Become More Patient in a Relationship

When you learn to become more patient in a relationship, you will be able to resolve conflicts better in your relationship. As a result, you will increase the chances that your relationship will work.

Try to See Your Partner’s Point of View

Remind yourself often that your partner was brought up differently from the way you were brought up and so sees life differently from the way you see life. Additionally, remind yourself often that your experiences in life are not the same as those of your lover or spouse.

Lower Your Expectations

When you expect too much from your partner, you can get easily upset when he does something which you feel falls below your expectation.

Remind Yourself That You Will Only Make Things Worse if You Become Impatient

Think about times in your present relationship, or in past relationships, when you reacted impatiently and which led to a worsening of the situation.

  • Write down what you did in those situations.
  • Write down how those situations got worse or how those situations cost you.
  • Reflect on the results of your impatience and how miserable it made you feel.
  • Type it and print it. Keep it with you and take it wherever you go so that you can read it or read it every morning in your bedroom. so that you can make up your mind to react with patience when your partner annoys you.

Remind Yourself That You Love Your Partner

In 1 Corinthians 13v4 of the Bible, it is written, “Love is patient and kind.” When you decide to be patient, it is another way of showing your love for your partner or your spouse.

Learn to Accept Uncomfortable Situations

We sometimes become impatient because we do not like to feel uncomfortable. We want things to work our way always and when they don’t, we become impatient with our lover or spouse.

Practice Patience Often

Learn to show patience towards your partner every day by practicing how to be patient.

Learn to Wait When Your Lover Promises You Something

One area where you can show impatience in your relationship is when your lover or spouse promises to buy something for you but delays in delivering that promise. It can make some lovers get angry with their partners, and this leads to fights.

  • Take your mind off the promise completely. Think about other things. When thoughts about the promise come into your mind, think about the promises your partner has fulfilled in the past. Then say something such as, “Isaac has delivered on his promises in the past. There is no reason why he will fail me this time. The car I want from him will surely come.” Then turn your mind to something else or focus on what you are doing at that moment.
  • Refrain from reminding your partner of his promise. Just trust him or her.
  • Fear that your partner may not fulfill his promise, in the end, can make you anxious and that can make it difficult to wait. Therefore, think positive thoughts. When you are positive, you will find it easier to be patient.


God is the Most Patient Being alive. He does not kill us immediately we sin against him, but gives us a chance to repent and learn from our mistakes.


To become more patient, you must count the cost of impatience, contemplate on the benefits of being patient, choose to act like a mature person, as well as try to understand and imitate patient people.



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