Completing a Job Application

Job application

Apart from the resume, most of the private job in Jaipur also demand an employment Job application from your side. This application should be taken as seriously as your resume.

Following these guidelines can help you in developing a good application for employment.


It will really smart of you if you will prepare your responses before you are given the application. The information required in these applications is very basic but if you will gather them on a piece of paper before coming to the employer’s office, you can save yourself from the copy of the extra rush and fear.

List the names, employers, titles, addresses, phone numbers, personal references, professional references, and your former supervisors.

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It will be really better if you will analyze your salary history as well. List your prior positions along with the starting and ending salary for each. Include any additional reimbursement such as bonuses or stock options for each position. List the names and locations of schools you have attended and subjects studied. Employers will ask you to list duties and responsibilities for each of your positions. Rather than trying to remember and jotting down what first comes to mind, prepare four to five powerful phrases for each position. Use your resume as a resource.

Don’t overlook your volunteer positions and school jobs such as editing the newspaper and fundraising. Adding such things can also cause a good impression. Remember not to exaggerate and remain sincere. Employers can easily confirm the information on the application before or after they hire.

Completing the Application

Print clearly and carefully. Use capital and lowercase letters aptly. Proper grammar and punctuation are important also.

Do follow the instructions as mentioned. Fill out every field that is required except the areas marked, “Office Use Only.” Ask for clarification if a question does not make sense.

It will also be smart of you if you will not handle the application without carefully rechecking it. Proofread it twice – once from top to bottom and once from bottom to top.

Don’t forget to sign and date the application in the appropriate place.


If you are completing an application just before an interview, don’t arrive late. On the other hand, try to reach 15-20 minutes early so you can take your time to neatly fill in the form. Even if you have already mailed a resume to this employer, attach your resume to the application.

If you have picked up an application and are submitting it in order to be considered for an interview, return the completed application quickly, within 24 hours if possible. Also, attach a resume and a brief cover letter. It will be better if you will personally drop these documents instead of mailing them.


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