11 tips to nourish your dry hair with mild conditioner

conditioner for dry hair

Your hair can lose its moisture due to a host of reasons- UV rays, chlorine in swimming pools, bleaching, monsoons and the list goes on. This is where a conditioner for dry hair comes in. It is used right after washing your hair with shampoo and helps in restoring the moisture lost due to shampooing. It also smoothens the hair cuticles and evens out its pH, helps in detangling, boosts radiance, and makes hair more manageable. Although a lot of people tend to skip it, the benefits of mild hair conditioner are numerous for all hair types, but it’s important for you to find the perfect conditioner for dry hair for best results. 

What is a good conditioner for dry hair?

Choosing the best hair conditioner online can be a tricky process. It’s important to find the right hair care products for your hair type and specific needs. You need to identify whether you have a normal, dry or oily scalp, and you can proceed from there. 

 conditioner for dry hair

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For dry or damaged hair, just conditioning isn’t enough, you need to match the shampoo to your hair too! If you have a dry scalp, you need to use a Hydrating Shampoo formulated especially for your hair type, and if you have an oily scalp but dry hair, consider the combination of a Cleansing shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, your best friend. 

Go for ingredients like maple, sugarcane and other nourishing plant extracts, as compared to conditioners with toxic chemicals. Avoid products that can cause build-ups in your hair, like silicones and sulfates.

Another quick tip, try products safe for curly hair, even if you have straight or wavy hair. The benefits of mild hair conditioner are many, and people with curly hair know it best, since the natural hair conditioners they use have more hydrating properties in them, and can bring back the lost moisture to your drying hair.

Can you put conditioner on dry hair?

The assumption behind conditioning on dry hair is that the hair shaft will better adsorb the ingredients without the water barrier. While technically this sounds right, the truth is, putting conditioner on dry hair tends to have more product buildup, sebum, dirt etc and also makes it difficult for the conditioner for dry hair to spread evenly, so it’s always a good idea to cleanse the scalp before proceeding to nourishing it.

Do not wash off the natural hair conditioner, right after you’ve applied it. It needs to sit on your hair and scalp for a few minutes to actually work, and even longer for people with dry hair. This process is called deep conditioning and is a very effective way to to provide nourishment to your dry strands.

How to treat dry hair with conditioner?

Apply conditioner only in the areas where it’s needed the most, like your mid-lengths to your ends since this part of your hair tends to be drier, and avoid applying it on the scalp. If you wish to use a leave-in conditioner for maximum hydration, be careful while choosing the best hair conditioner online. These natural hair conditioners have lighter formulas than a rinse-out conditioner for dry hair and don’t weigh out your hair.

Does conditioner help to hydrate hair?

Just as one shouldn’t skip out on moisturizing your skin after cleansing, the same logic applies to using a conditioner for dry hair as well. Since shampoo cleanses the scalp, removing oils and impurities, conditioning is super important since it helps to restore the lost moisture from your hair and keep it healthy.  


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