4 Best Tips for a Financially Happy Marriage


Finance or money is the most complicated part of a marriage. Plus, when you are already dealing with other emotional aspects, this could worsen the situation. You can follow some simple tips to handle all money-matters well in your marriage.

4 Best Tips for a Financially Happy Marriage

You learn all good and bad habits from the people around you. The same thing goes for finances. Your financial practices depend on what you have seen throughout your life. Therefore, there are chances that you and your partner conflict on money-matters as you both come from different backgrounds. If not tackled on time, this can lead to more significant disputes and ultimately leave you two sad and worried. To avoid these unnecessary problems, you can follow these simple four tips and make your marriage financially happy. 

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#1 Orient Your Finance Goals

In today’s world, everyone has their own financial goals that depend on their job, financial practices, and current situation. As you and your partner come from different upbringings, you two can have distinct aims. However, tying the thread of marriage means combining all aspects of your life and trying to move forward together. This stands true even for financial goals. It will be best if you consider what you and the other person want in your individual lives. Once you have all details in front, you can link both of them and arrive at a satisfactory conclusion. Thus, it will become easier for you, making your married life happier. You can even combine your marriage loan to keep things simple. 

#2 Keep Your Checking Accounts Simple

It is most probable that you and your partner have lived a few years of a bachelor’s life before getting married. So you must have handled your individual expenses and checking accounts. But when you two come together, this can become complicated as your savings and costs become a single unit. To keep things simple, you can opt for a single/joint checking account that can be used to pay the monthly bills and EMIs. There may not be a need to combine the accounts if you are able to manage separate accounts and keep your finances sorted. Your ultimate goal is not to complicate things between the two of you; opt for the strategy that works best for you. 

#3 Reduce the Number Of Credit Cards

Credit cards have now become a vital part of everyone’s lives. It is common for you to have 2 to 3 cards for tackling different situations before getting married. The same will go for your partner. But as you two get together, there will be more credit cards on your desk. On the other hand, your primary objective should be to sort all the finances out so that no conflicts or confusion arises. That is why you need to reduce the number of cards for making them easy to handle. So instead of keeping five total cards in hand, you can keep one for each. By doing this, you both will have two different cards, and there will be no hassle of clearing their debts. 

#4 Keep Your Accounts in the Same Bank

You may or may not want to combine your checking accounts. But in any case, you need to keep all the accounts in the same bank. This will make the following tasks more convenient for you:

Thus, there will be no confusion between the two of you, and you will be able to tackle things better. 


By considering these few points, you can avoid more significant financial conflicts in your married life. However, you must remember to consider your partner’s opinion during this entire process because their happiness and satisfaction are also essential. So get the finances right and make your married life smooth.


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