iOS App Development: What Does the Future Hold?

iOS App Development

Looking at the growth rate of iOS’s popularity, it’s safe to assume that it is the future of mobile application development. 

Let’s give it a thought: when the first iteration of the app store for iOS was launched in 2008, there were only about 500 apps available for users to access.

 iOS App Development

In just ten years from that, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, announced that App App Store now hosts more than 20 million registered programmers, generating $100 million, entertaining 500 million visitors weekly. 

Isn’t that pretty impressive? These figures have gone up significantly in 2020 and are expected to rise even higher in 2021. 

Undoubtedly, the two-game players- Android and iOS will continue to rule the app development market for a long time to come. 

However, since the total number of iOS applications has surpassed the 2 million mark, it has become crucial for companies to invest their money on custom iOS app development to gain the most benefits out of their brand and enhance their market standing and image. 

And to do that properly, both entrepreneurs and developers need to pay close attention to the emerging iOS trends to stay updated and squash all your competitors. 

So let’s make that happen!

Here are the top 4 trends iOS app development is sure to see in 2021. Be updated, be future-proof. 

Let’s start!

  • Combine for Reactive Programming:

What do we mean by Reactive Programming? It’s merely a paradigm that manages the asynchronous stream of events. Software development is not unfamiliar with this concept. However, it has gained more prominence recently. 

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How does it work?

Event streams refer to the values of streams that developers can operate upon. It can be used with operators bundled via Reactive frameworks; using this, a stream can be transformed into a different one conveniently. 

Reactive programming is a mate to iOS app development; it allows the developer to access thousands of libraries. The Reactive pattern enables iOS developers to analyze the working of events and how they are dependent on each other and how they can influence the business logic. 

This is what Combine is used for. It is yet another efficient framework, released by Apple offering declarative Swift API to process values. Combine provides solutions to problems that arise when async values are processed. It gives developers a high-level abstraction that enforces a model that works entirely for data streams.

We are going to see significant use of Combine in the coming years for custom iOS application development.

  • SwiftUI:

One of the prominent UI trends will be SwiftUI. It is a UI kit that allows the developer to take the declarative way to design your app. All that you have to do is decide the way our UI should look and work; the tool will then assess how to make it happen as the user interacts with your app. 

Before moving ahead, let’s understand the fundamental difference between imperative UI and Declarative UI. Before the launch of iOS 13, developers worked with just imperative UI. In which a function will be called upon the user’s click. Within the function, the value is read and labeled. The interface’s functioning and aesthetics can be modified based on standard work requirements.

But the imperative UI raises various issues, particularly the ones linked to an app’s state. Developers will have to track the code’s state and ensure that it is reflected appropriately via the UI.

In contrast to the imperative UI, declarative UI allows the developer to classify all the possible states together. They will not have to write different codes to move between the states. SwiftUI can transit across UI layouts if the state is changed, based on the role assigned to them by the developer. 

This is the “pro” of declarative UI- you tell what you want from SwiftUI, and the tool will take care of it. 

  • Security and Privacy:

Another key iOS development trend in 2021 will be the transformation in security protocols required with iOS app development. 

Applications developed for the Apple app store are mostly embedded with advanced security layers and strict policies that do not violate devices. 

Apple has set the bar high for its applications to fulfill all the company’s security requirements. It ensures that the app is developed with a safe environment to offer, focusing mainly on security and privacy percept. 

The measure can not be considered a trend, but a compulsion since there’s a massive spike in the number of cases related to data breach and hacking. 

Apple’s measures are commendable when it comes to ensuring the safety of its user’s data. 

  • Custom iOS application development with Flutter:

Flutter is a great framework to develop iOS applications. It offers a fresh approach and a more productive way to quickly build iOS apps by amalgamating both hybrid app development and native app development advantages.  

Earlier, only Google products could take advantage of Flutter’s abilities, but the dynamics of the developer’s working transformed when Flutter became available for iOS app development

Since Flutter provides exceptional benefits, many iOS developers would prefer Flutter over other iOS app development frameworks in the coming times. 

The tool is built on Dart, the in-house programming language of Google. Since the programming language allows the compilation of native iOS codes, Flutter can be used for iOS app development. Therefore, companies can benefit from its advanced features such as hot reload to boost productivity or Bitrise for CI/CD.


If you plan to develop an iOS application for your brand, there can be nothing better. Many new trends are emerging for the platforms. Therefore, the one obvious thing is the fact that iOS will continue to rule the mobile application development industry for a long time to come. There is nothing to be skeptical when developing an iOS app; however, as an entrepreneur, you have to remain updated and keep a constant check on the new releases or trends emerging in the field. If you are aware of all, you can hire a professional to work in the transitioning times and keep your app game up. 



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