Some Of The Best Eye Care Tips For You

Some Of The Best Eye Care Tips For You

The eyes are the mirror of the mind. Our vision speaks to the mind. Literature with eyes, songs, nothing has been written. The structure of our eyes is so complex that it sometimes beats the imagination. The way the eyes work is a lot like the way the camera works. The eyelid works like a camera shutter, inside the eye there is an elastic lens that focuses on the visible object and then we see it once through the necessary processing. This processing takes a few moments.

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But if a pair of glasses falls on the nose before these eyes, there is no doubt that the matter is very painful! If so, you don’t have to do that and your eyesight is good. You can add anti-glare coating to glasses to get numerous benefits for your eyes. There are some things to keep in mind to keep a good eye.

  Some Of The Best Eye Care Tips For You

The reason for wearing glasses on the eyes

  • Nowadays, young students have to take glasses and heavy power. Many are wearing contact lenses to avoid the hassle. But there are many reasons for this vision problem.
  • Glaucoma or increased pressure in the eye causes the optic nerve of the eye to become useless and loss of vision.
  • Inflammation of the conjunctiva and swelling of the outer veins of the eye with redness and infection.
  • Vitamin A deficiency causes dry eye mucus and corneal ulcers.
  • Uveitis or inflammation of the vascular coat that causes damage to the connective tissue of the eye.
  • Myopia or distant sighting or blurred vision. In this disease the reflection of the object is formed before the retina.
  • Prolonged sitting in front of a computer at work, staring at a mobile screen for long periods of time, watching too much TV, etc. can cause blurred vision or red eyes.

Best Eye care tips:

Taking a break

People who do desk jobs or work on computers for long periods of time have to stay focused for long periods of time at short distances, so long-distance vision is impaired. As a result, there is a chance of myopia.

If you have a habit of reading books, read 30 with your eyes and do not read too much. It is not right to read books in a hurry. Watch TV at a minimum distance of 10 feet. So while sitting at the table, take a break without working for 30 minutes and look at distant things. Look at the green plants, it will relax the eyes.


Whether it’s a laptop monitor or a phone screen or a TV’s LED display, the most harmful Blu-ray comes out, which plays twelve of the pupils of our eyes and causes insomnia and incontinence. So remove the eyelids frequently or the eyes will become dry. It is important to blink at least 15 times a minute. If possible, install a glare free screen on the monitor. The blue light will be filtered.

Adequacy of light

Many of us have a habit of watching TV in the dark at home, which is more fun and fun, but in the end it puts a lot of pressure on the eye rod cells. This causes strain on the eye muscles and increases the chances of eye disease. The shape inside the eye can be distorted. So quit the habit of working in low light.

Increase vitamin intake

Eating extra fish meat to keep the eyes well becomes the main obstacle. With green distaste and a big reason. But eye contact with vegetables is very skilful. So eat carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, beans, peppers, fruits and dried fruits. It contains all the sources of vitamins.

Seeing the sunrise

There is no equivalent to morning sunlight to increase eye sensitivity and reduce laxity. So go for a walk in the morning and look at everything in the light with your eyes closed. It will keep your health and well.

Touches of warmth

If you feel tightness in the eyes, rub the palms of both hands warmly, close the eyelids for about 30 seconds and press on it. This is an instant tip. It is effective and safe for the eyes. Eye sensitivity will decrease and activity will increase.

Eye exercises

Keep the head still and rotate the clockwise eye gem 10 times and anti-clockwise 10 times. Doing this will prevent redness and heaviness in the eyes. Close your eyes and lift the eyeball from top to bottom and from bottom to top. Do this 5-10 times.

Hold a pen or flower in front of your eyes and move forward until the eye loses its focus and looks blurry. Then gently move it away from the eyes and focus on it. Keep doing this a few times.


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