Use this colorful plant for ornamentation in your house

Use this colorful plant for ornamentation in your house

When it comes to beautifying your house, you would probably look for quality products at a cheap price. Moreover, products should be durable, which can last for a very long time and do go out of fashion. We buy many costly decorative items which become obsolete after some time due to change in fashion. We have to purchase a new one every time, and in this way, we waste a lot of our money.

  Use this colorful plant for ornamentation in your house

Ornamental plants never go out of fashion. There are a lot of houseplants which require less care and look beautiful in your house. You can keep them in pots of the latest designs if you want to give them a look of ongoing fashion. People can buy indoor plants online along with pots of their choice, and in this way, they will be able to keep their plants fresh on the way. You may have seen the plants with flowers of various shades, but you would not have mostly seen plants with variegated and colorful leaves. Your guests will find them so unique.

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What is to know about Aglaonema? 

Aglaonema is a plant that can have leaves of different colors depending upon the variety of this plant. This plant is native to China, and that is the reason it is also called as Chinese evergreen. According to Chinese people, this plant is lucky. Chinese evergreen is from the family of Araceae and flourishes well in tropical regions. It is a plant of tropical forests, where it rarely gets sunlight under the trees but gets a lot of humidity. Their flowers are spadix, which grows in some of its varieties, and fruits are like soft berries.


What are the varieties of Aglaonema? 

There are many colorful varieties of this plant-like Aglaonema widuri red peacock, Aglaonema harlequin with light pink, yellow, and green coloured leaves, Aglaonema suzy with dark green leaves having pink coloured midrib, Aglaonema red gold with shiny leaves having red edges. The varieties with dark green leaves can be placed in low light areas of your house like Aglaonema emerald bay with dark green leaves having white patches on them and Aglaonema nitidum.

There are also more varieties of Chinese evergreen like Aglaonema Aglao cutlass having long leaves, Aglaonema Maria, Aglo silver queen, Aglaonema Brilliant, Aglaonema Cory, Aglaonema silver king, and Aglaonema modestum.

How to do the propagation of Chinese evergreen? 

You can grow your Chinese evergreen plant with the help of seeds, cuttings, or division. If you can get the cutting or division of the plant, then you should use these methods as the plant can be grown effortlessly. Online shopping of plants and seeds are in trend nowadays, so you can purchase seeds of aglaonema online. 

Soil mixture for the plant 

You should mix compost, garden soil, coco peat and some pebbles for making soil mixture of Chinese evergreen. Compost and coco peat should be half of garden soil. 

Plantation with the help of division of the plant

There are suckers in the roots of the plant which connect the different stems of the plant. You should dig the soil gently and take out one of the suckers along with the plant. You should be careful while doing this task as you should not damage any part of the plant. If you need, you can use a sharp and clean pruner for the division of the plant. This is the easiest method among all the other methods. 

Plantation with the help of cuttings

If you want to use the cutting for propagation, then you take the cutting of six inches. You should snip off the cutting just above the node of the plant. Plant this cutting immediately in the soil mix and then water it thoroughly.

How to care for the plant in the winter season?

You should not give regular water to Aglaonema in winter. There is also no need to give any kind of fertilisers as the plant goes in self hibernation mode. You should protect your plant from extreme cold, and this cannot bear this kind of weather. 

How can you care for the plant in the summer?

You should water the plant regularly so as to keep the soil moist, and you can give fertilizers to your Chinese evergreen once in sixty days. 

What are the benefits of Chinese evergreen? 

This is an ornamental plant, but it is also said that this helps in removing chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene from the air around them. Thus, they act as natural fertilizers. Like other plants, this also exhales oxygen and can increase the amount of oxygen in your house. The vibrant colours of this plant can give some kind of pleasure and improve the mood of a person. In this way, these plants can relieve the stress of a person. 



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