Best Kent water purifiers under 10,000

Kent water purifiers

In this post, we discuss about the top 10 best Kent water purifiers under 10,000. Before jumping into details, let’s recall the value of water for our body and most importantly, the Best Water Purifiers Under the budget of Rs.10,000. Water, an essential substance, required by the whole body; it is like fuel to the vehicle. About 70% of the human body is made of water.

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The water purifier is one of the main appliances of our daily use that provides us with clean and healthy drinking water. It helps in removing the microorganisms and bacteria along with some dissolved impurities and chemicals. Be it for your kitchen or your personal space, drinking healthy water is a basic need for all.

 Kent water purifiers

Price is a very important factor during the purchase of any product. The condition of a product is not always indicated by its amount. There are so many types of water purifiers available in the market. There are so many options in the market today and you are sure to be confused and whether you are making the best decision to buying a particular water purifier.

Top water purifiers under 10,0000

[1] Kent Grand 8L wall-mountable RO+UV/UF + TDS Controller

Kent Grand is fully automatic and feature-packed water from Kent RO. It applies an extensive RO+UV+UF purification mechanism and TDS control, which ensure that your family is getting the safest drinking water all the time. It can be used to purify input water with TDS count 500 – 2500 mg/L. Kent grand employs the double treatment of RO and UV purification Which naturally make it one of the Best Water Purifiers Under 10,000

  •   Features

Free installation

5 stage Ro system

Power consumption 60W

Purification size – 20L

1-year warranty on the product

3 years’ service free

Product dimensions – 39.9 cm [ length], 53.5 [height] and 25.5 cm [width] 

Storage – Yes

Auto shut off – Yes

[2] Kent Ultra storage UV UF water purifier

Kent Ultra storage is 7L UV+UF water purifier is a purifier which provides you with access to clean drinking water which is a basic necessity. Kent water purifier gives you odourless, clean and better condition drinking water. Power consumption 11W, to get a 100% clean UF water purifier.   

  •   Features

Type – electric

Weight – 4kg

Capacity- 7L

Power consumption – 11W

Storage – Yes

Filtration consumption – 30l/hr

[3] Kent Ultra-wall mountable UV water purifier

Kent ultra-water purifier saves space in the kitchen. The UV lamps disinfect the water from microorganisms without affecting its taste. Its Purification capacity is 60 l/hr provides an ample amount of water for a big family. Its high power 11W UV lamp kills all the microorganisms current in the water. Its good purification process ensures that is always going to drink clean, pure water and safe.

  •   Features

High power 11w UV

Capacity 60l/hr

Fully automatic in operation

Maximum duty style – 120L/day

Free installation

3 stage system

UV fail alarm

[4] Kent Max 7L UV+UF water purifier with detachable storage

Kent max water purifier with the help of UV+UF purification technology. Tank makes it a must-have as it comes with a full 7L storage capacity. Kent water purifier automatically removes cysts, dead bacteria and viruses. Water purifier on a wall or place it on the height of the table. To reduce taste and odour, Kent water purifier is provided with an activated carbon filter. Its high powered 11W UV lamp deactivates all the microorganisms in the water.

  •   Features

Fully automatic

Free installation

Double purification UV+U L

Computer-controlled operation

1-year warranty

Water tank capacity – 7L

ABS construction material

[5] Kent washing machine softener RO water purifier [white]

Kent water softener that converts hard water into soft water to generate the extra foam while consuming the less amount of detergent and water. Its unique value operation makes it very good to use. The best water softener for the washing machine as it follower hard water into and soft. Kent washing machine water softener has a helpful and 4 steps regeneration processes.


  •   Features

Easy installation

Tailor-made for washing machine

Best design

Regeneration process

Kent washing machine water purifier  


[6] Kent ultra-storage UV [ violet] + UF [ ultra-filtration]

The care cost of Kent ultra is very slow. Kent ultra is double purification case of UV and UF. It has 4 stages water purification course. This is one of the Best Water Purifiers Under 10,000


  •   Feature

Double purification

8L tank capacity

UV fails

To measure water level 


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