40 Under 40 Awards: Wisdom Mawuli Parku wins Travel and Tourism Award

Wisdom Mawuli Parku

The Chief Executive Officer of Majora Travel and educational Consult, Wisdom Mawuli Parku has been adjudged the Travel and Tourism man of the Year at this year’s Forty Under Forty Awards held Friday night, at the Kempinski Gold Coast Hotel.

 Wisdom Mawuli Parku

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Majora Group began in a mining community and town called Obuasi in Ghana in 2017 with subsidiaries in travel, education, consultancy, photography and printing.

The Forty Under 40 is an award scheme aimed at identifying, honouring and celebrating the nation’s most influential and accomplished young business leaders under the age of forty. The scheme targets entrepreneurs, CEOs, Co-Founders and COOs.

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It came about when Mawuli wanted to travel to the US but encountered an unfavourable experience.
After the business started, Mawuli again lost a sum of GHC12,000 ($2,162) to a fake Ghanaian recruitment agent in Dubai, leading the business to further setbacks.

“This major setback led my business to huge debt which nearly collapsed after a few months of commencement. Lastly, the Obuasi office caught fire in June 2018 which made me change the entire wiring system of the office building, hence incurring huge financial losses,” he says.
It took a while but Mawuli was able to get the business back on track.

They have sold over 1,000 trips, serviced more than 800 clients and secured five academic accreditations from universities in Europe and Canada as recruitment partners.

The company has grown 57% in revenue in the last year, he says, and now has two branches in Obuasi and Accra and consists of a staff of nine people.

Wisdom Mawuli Parku

“As an entrepreneur exposed to the high unemployment rate in Ghana, it is my dream to expand my company to become a global conglomerate in Africa so I can create employment for the youth in my country within the company’s capacity. I believe the youth hold the future to sustainable development and I, therefore, seek to contribute to it through entrepreneurship and job creation.”

Passionate about developing Ghana, Mawuli serves as the executive director for Vision Aid Foundation.


Congrats to Wisdom.


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