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Shimla will definitely be at the forefront if one is to prepare a list of the most popular and popular tourist destinations in our country. For almost 2 centuries this small hill town has been the favoured one. In the early 1800s, British came to this place and so liked it they declared it their summer capital in 1864. They even took the trouble to build Shimla a railway.

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The British have left, but Shimla still has the same status. The beauty of the place is as good as a century ago and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the country every year.

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I will give you some quick tips on how to organise a trip to Shimla if you too have been thinking of visiting Shimla in the near future. Of course, your last travel plan will depend on many factors such as your journey; how many days you’ve spent; your trip time, but in this article I will add a few things, which will remain unchanged, regardless.

Reasons to visit Shimla


However, what makes Shimla a desired destination for thousands of people is that it is ideal for all kinds of holidays. The city provides a charming retreat for a large number of people, from lunches to adventurers to families. Countless cinematographers and cinematographers have been drawn to the charming beauty of the hill station. This former summer capital of the British, through its spectaclic historical churches and institutes, as Christ Church, the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, and many other, still retains its colonial charm.

The road connects well and it’s not a problem to get there. You never go too far away and Shimla ‘s famous market is perfect for a shopping evening. Every modern facility, including good hospitals, is available here in case of a medical emergency. In Shimla, all mobile telephone networks work so you are always connected to family and friends.

The wide range of accommodation options is another big reason. Regardless of your budget, you’ll find a place to stay in Shimla easily. While the overall elevation of the city is sufficient to make it snow, you never climb to a level that is uncomfortable or you risk acute mountain sickness. It’s a perfect place for a quick weekend break with friends and families. In short.

How to Reach Shimla

The easiest part of your holiday here is to reach Shimla. The city is very well connected and depending on your own preferences, you can reach it either by road , air or train.

How to reach Shimla by Road

Let’s first see how Shimla is accessible if you travel by your own vehicle or motorcycle. I will assume that you started from Delhi in order to explain the way. Even if you came from another town, the trip to Chandigarh can only change. The remaining details remain.

The route of the trip, as indicated below, will start from Delhi.

Depending on your speed and breaks, the total time for your trip is about 7-8 hours. You’re going to follow NH1 from Delhi to Chandigarh. However, don’t enter the town. Turn right on the Himalayan Expressway before Chandigarh and follow the uphill road to Shimla.

This whole road is in good shape all year round. Between Kalka and Shimla some road work is being expanded, and slow traffic is likely to be found. Once this work is finished, you can believe that the whole road towards Shimla is 4-lane highway?

How to reach Shimla by Bus

The regular bus service connects Shimla very well. Daily buses from nearly all major cities in North India are available and finding one will be very easy. Daily buses from Shimla are operated by the HRTC and HPTDC to locations like Delhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur and the like. Regular buses are also offered by other State transportation agencies and private travel companies. Just search for Google and there are many options available.

You may be able to board an ISBT Kashmiri Gate air-conditioned overnight bus, or even catch a day bus from Delhi.

How to reach Shimla by Train

However, it’s an even better and fun way to train here. Yes, I ‘m talking about the renowned toy. By train from Delhi and Chandigarh, you can go to Kalka and then take the Toy Train. The total distance of the journey is 96 kilometres in around 7 hours on a narrow-gage railway track. See How to Plan a journey by Shimla Kalka Train for further details.

You can instead reach Chandigarh if you don’t want to travel by this train. Board a Bus, or rent a private taxi from there.

How to reach Shimla by Flight

The closest airport to Shimla is Jubarhati, which is approximately 23 kilometres from the city. Regular flights to Chandigarh and Delhi from Jubarhatti.

Chandigarh is the next closest airport, apart from Jubarhatti.

Best way to reach Shimla

The best way to get to Shimla is by travelling with a motorcycle or car in your own vehicle. The road is very good, as I have mentioned, and it takes you through some amazing scenery. You can take as many breaks as you like, go at your own pace and experience the scenery.

What to See in Shimla

Shimla has a long list of places to visit. You can stay here for days and you can’t yet do it all. Some places are right in the city, while some are a short distance away, such as Kufri. You may even see places like Narkanda and Thanedar if you go a little further, which are just as lovely and even quieter than the main city.

In another article I covered the topic of sightseeing and I will encourage you to read the complete list of Shimla and its neighbourhood’s tourist attractions. In this one page, adding all these details would have made this article endless.


Places to visit in Shimla


  • Mall Road: “The Mall” or “Mall Road” is the principal shopping street It’s about the centre of all activity and lies as the lifeline of the city. Mall Road cafes, restaurants and social restaurants are particularly popular with locals as well as tourists.
  • Christ Church:It is North India’s second oldest church dating from 1857. Located on Ridge, this is one of Shimla’s main attractions and is a fine sight of Neo-Gothic architecture.
  • Scandal Point:The Maharaja of Patiala is so known since it was where it eloped together with the British Viceroy ‘s daughter. It was the highest order scandal at the time.
  • Jakhu Hill: A magnificent view of the valley around the highest summit in Shimla, at an altitude of 8,000 metres.
  • Shimla State Museum:Full of various old artefacts showing Himachal Pradesh ‘s cultural riches
  • Statue of Lord Hanuman at Jakhu Hill: The figure stands at 8,500 feet above sea level at a height of 108 feet.
  • Viceregal Lodge: Built by British architect Henry Irwin in 1888, the lodge was the British Vicerry’s residence in India.
  • Rothney Castle:Allan Octavian Hune, the British public officer who founded the conference in 1885, lived in Castle Rothney.

Things to do in Shimla

A list of other activities you can indulge in during visits in Shimla is here apart from all the above mentioned places. I don’t have to hire a car to visit a nearby place an hour, but things you can do during your stay in the town.

Take a Walk on The Ridge:The ridge is close to the hill of Jakhu and the Observatory. Here Shimla is the venue for fairs, festivals and events. There are several buildings in colonial style, a church, library and a Mahatma Gandhi statue tourists come to visit.



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