Facts About Wedding Planning And Management

Wedding Planning and Management

Wedding Planning and Management is the most dynamic and exciting field in which one can make a bright future. Wedding management refers to managing all the activities related to wedding ceremonies.

 Wedding Planning and Management

In India, weddings are one of the significant rituals which consist of numerous customs and value, and managing such type of event is not an easy task. It requires a lot of problem solving and adverse situation handling skills.

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Therefore a wedding planners should be:

  1. Patient or Calm: As a wedding planner, you need to be more patient to convince clients or to agree them on your plans and suggestions. This skills helps you in increasing client’s satisfication and in building trust.
  2. Creative: As a wedding planner, you need to be more creative related to your ideas because client’s attract towards those things which are unique and exclusive.
  3. Innovative: Innovation is the most important aspect of any job. Innovating proposals make client more inclined towards your work.
  4. Analytical Problem Handler: Wedding is such an event which consist of many ceremonies and chances of happening something adverse is also high, therefore a wedding planner should consist of such skills which makes unfavourable situations favourable.
  5. Good Entertainer: As a wedding planner, you have to play a role of good entertainer also because preventing guests from getting bored is important and without excitement and fun no event is complete.
  6. Good manager: It refers to holding all such skills which a manager should consist of. This makes a wedding planners more resistant towards the work and helps in successful coordination of wedding activities.


  1. Selection of Venue: First and important duty of a wedding planner is to select a venue as per the desire as well as the budget of the client. This is the most difficult task which takes a lot of time to decide.
  2. Selection of menu: Another important duty is to select a delicious menu because food is the most essential part of any wedding or we can say food is the soul of wedding therefore it should be fab.
  3. Selection of Dresses of Bride and Bridegroom: All the requirements related to bride and bridegroom has been handled by the wedding planners whether they are related to their wedding dresses or hair dressing or makeup, all these is handled by wedding planners.
  4. Arrangement of all wedding Ceremonies: All the ceremonies has been planned, organized , directed and controlled by the wedding planners only.
  5. Decorations: The most important element of any wedding is decoration, which makes the atmosphere more beautiful and pleasant.

Scope of wedding planning

Wedding Planning is a very wide term a lot of people efforts are require to make a single wedding successful. Wedding planning is not mere one man job specialized people of many field join and make a wedding happen. For example people like florist, decorators, lighting team, DJ, choreographer, etc. your client satisfaction should me more important than your profit. Wedding planning scope is great it give jobs to many people of different field. Wedding planning business is enjoying high growth rate in India. In India people spend more on their children wedding then on their education or skill development. Lakhs of rupees are spend on wedding in India, Wedding planning is great career option for people nowadays. This job brings smile, sadness, money, loss, satisfaction and all above happiness that a wedding planner share with clients satisfaction and smile.

Entrepneurship Opportunities

Wedding planning and Management provides you ample opportunities of entrepreneurship. You can start your own business also after learning the course. This only requires a creative and innovative thinking. Thus, this course not only provides you job opportunities in leading event management companies but also help you to begin their own startups.


Therefore Wedding Planning and Management is a emerging field and has a great scope in terms of both jobs and businesses. So if you want to make your career in this versatile field you need to join the best wedding planning and management institute which helps you to understand the core concepts of wedding planning.




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