Are Hair Extensions Considered a Fashion Statement?


A fashion statement is basically a style, or something worn with the intention of making a bold statement about fashion – hopefully, with the hope of drawing attention to oneself. 

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Contrary to popular belief, not only celebrities, icons or famous people make fashion statements. People do it all the time, but let’s face it, not everyone has more boldness and confidence looking all “daring” than popular people and celebrities. 

If a celeb decided to go really wild with some clip in hair extensions or sew in hair extensions for instance, I’m pretty sure the majority would embrace it compared to if an ordinary person like you and me decided to. 

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Fashion statements can also be other things including standing for 

Erykah Badu, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Chaka Khan, Rihanna and Janelle Monáe are examples of some of the most daring celebrities whom we could look up to for inspiration when it comes to making fashion statements with hair extensions. 

In ancient Egyptian times, the thicker the hair, the more beautiful and prominent you were.

It’s interesting to know that hair extension fashion statements existed even as far back as 3400 BC. Yup, you read that right. They were a thing long before any of us knew about them in recent times.
They were also a thing in Europe and America around the 18th century.

There is a funny story that around that time, King Louis of France wore lots of wigs to cover the fact that he had Syphilis. Yes, apparently Syphilis does make you lose hair. And as he kept changing and wearing wigs, it eventually became more of a fashion statement.

From the 19th century through the 20th to this day, voluminous hair has always been a thing and a low-key fashion statement even if we never realized.

In the past, hair extensions either synthetic, animal hair or a combination of both synthetic and human hair, could be only afforded by the wealthy.

Things have clearly changed now however, with almost everyone being able to afford hair extensions all over the world. 

I step out in the streets every day and lose count of just how many glue-in hair extensions sew in hair extensions and clip in extensions in particular, that I see on my way to and from work. You would think that extensions are compulsory in some cities I travel to.  

The fun fact is, quality hair extensions don’t come cheap. Which means only the rich/wealthy even in our present generation can afford the luxury of high quality human hair.
And that alone, is a fashion statement on its own.

100% Remy hair for instance, are low-key seen as a form of fashion statement because of how costly they are. 

The truth is indeed a hard pill to swallow but let’s be honest; sometimes we do get more compliments on our hair when we have hair extensions on as compared to when we don’t. And this is “the beauty” of the world we live in today.

Just sit back, relax and let your hair do the talking! 



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