The Functionalities To Integrate Within On Demand Gas Delivery Application?


Startups planning to fulfil on-demand gas delivery should have a well distribution network well in advance with cooking gas being a necessity of everyday lives. The distribution network should be head strong with a quick turn around time, complying with laws and regulations, while most importantly safe from a consumer standpoint to have a long term sustainability as a startup.

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Since cooking gas is inflammable, secured delivery of cooking gas is paramount. Adding to the woes is the constant demand of cooking gas from households.

With so many mobile apps around, it is the perfect combo of effectiveness, efficiency, pricing and interface, giving rise to an unparalleled experience. Let’s find out the features required from admin, driver and user perspective that makes an on-demand cooking gas management software worthwhile for all.

User Panel

An end user or consumer is the most important facet of an on-demand cooking gas management system since s(he) is the one to order the gas via app when needed.

Hence, to cater consumers with a world class experience, an on-demand cooking gas management app shouldn’t just be bug or error free, but even be absolutely intuitive at the same time keeping complexity at bay.

  • Gather consumer details via registration

This is the first step in a cooking gas real time delivery solution especially in an app like this wherein customer details should be taken with such an ease so that the user need not to fill up too many details that aren’t even required.

If there are too many fields to fill up in a cooking gas real time delivery software then there is a high probability for users to chuck the app moving on to the competitors.

  • Booking and cancellation as required

Instant booking of the cooking gas is the key to a cooking gas real time delivery system success and same goes with easy cancellation.

Not just there should be one click booking facilitated, but a customer should be given the privilege of cancelling the order at any given point of time with a cooking gas real time delivery app.

  • Allow users to calculate the cost automatically

Let the users be able to have an estimate of the total cost when using cooking fuels delivery solution by filling up the details in the cost calculator including the actual cost, delivery charges and taxes.

Based on the breakdown of charges, a consumer can have the total cost estimate within cooking fuels delivery software helping in the buying decision.

  • Location tracking for seamless delivery

As soon as the order is placed, the customer location should be instantly identified via Geolocation tracking within the cooking fuels delivery system for the driver to know what location to deliver.

Auto-detection of the consumer location within such cooking fuels delivery app help users know whether the area is serviceable or not, and at the same time allows customers to keep track of the route once the order is out for delivery.

  • Secured payment with encrypted transactions

It is very important that users should feel full proof safety when transferring funds online in a cooking gas delivery app.

Hence, any on-demand cooking gas delivery startup should have payment options like Stripe, CCAvenue and PayPal integrated, so that the consumers feel utmost safe in ordering via app.

  • Either use a ChatBot or have an in-built in-app chat

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Customers can have difficulty any time while accessing the app and so an automated chatbot when placed when trying to develop an on-demand cooking gas delivery solution, can play a major role in taking up user queries in seconds.

Moreover, an in-app chat enables customer service representatives to tackle consumer queries 24*7 when planning to develop an on-demand cooking gas delivery software.

  • Coupon codes, discounts and cash-backs be in place

Constant offers keep customers engaged without feeling any need to switch to another app.

Nobody likes to pay more and regular offers keep customers glued to the app.

  • Push Notifications always keep users informed

End users always want to be kept informed to stay connected to the app.

Hence, push notifications provides info on every little happening taking place in the app whether be telling users to register, informing about offers, notifying regarding delivery status, and lot more.

  • Management of the user accounts

User should be able to edit details when thinking to develop an on-demand cooking gas delivery system, since s(he) might feel need to change address, phone, email, or payment details.

Even the orders can be handled with ease through order management looking at past and current orders and this also should be encompassed when planning to develop an on-demand cooking gas delivery app.

Driver Panel

A driver is the second important facet of a location based on-demand cooking gas delivery solution.

Most user panel features are applicable to driver panel such as registration, account management, order management, location tracking, payment integration and online chat, so let us just look at other key features.

  • Alerting drivers right away post order

Delivery partners and their respective drivers get notified instantly as soon as an order is placed in such a location based on-demand cooking gas delivery software.

Consumer details with location shows up on driver screen and the delivery is all set to go.

  • Toggle between being available or unavailable for delivery

A driver or delivery partner can inform consumers regarding their availability to deliver the cooking gas or not by toggling across ON/OFF switch so as to inform users for choosing other delivery partner in such a location based on-demand cooking gas delivery system.

This kind of switch can also help consumers to know in advance regarding the availability or unavailability to fulfil a delivery.

  • Location tracking to deliver real quick

As soon as the order is placed, a driver should be able to track the customer location right away via Geolocation tracking with the whole range of routes open for delivery of which the most optimised route is chosen.

It is crucially important to have auto-detection of the location so that in case of multiple deliveries, the route is traced way in advance allowing to know whether the area is serviceable or not, and at the same time allows drivers to keep track of the deliveries once en-route.


  • Contactless payments tightly secured

There are two things to note here. Either customers pay in advance at the time of online booking, or possibly choose cash on delivery option.

Irrespective of the option, drivers should be well informed about cash payment need to be received or not. With online payment, the driver should get to know that the payment is already done and no cash to receive.

Admin Panel

An admin i.e. a distributor or the gas agency is the third and final facet of a location based on-demand cooking gas delivery app.

Only a couple of user panel and driver panel feature coincide with admin panel such as registration and payment, so let us just look at a range of key functionalities unique to the admin panel.

  • Drivers can be managed 

An admin has the ability to manage the fleet of drivers with their identity details that can be added, removed, edited at any given time.

Furthermore, registration of new drivers and firing of existing drivers can also be taken care of.

  • Complaints can be handled

There are a whole lot of complaints to be taken care of from consumer end.

No matter how common or complex issues are, they are resolved tactfully by technical department via feedback management.

  • Maintenance of a fleet of vehicles

Admin can have the complete fleet of vehicles maintained up to date. 

This also include the internal and external conditions of vehicles to see whether they can be used or not for future deliveries.

  • Managing routes and picking the optimum one

Admin can see to it different routes to accomplish a delivery. 

An optimum route could be chosen by admin and designated to delivery partner in case of traffic or route with uncertain hurdles.

  • Analysis of revenue and costs data

A constant track of reports can help admin analyse costs and sales on a daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

This helps the agency to have critical data on how to cut down on costs and optimise on people and service for better sales.

  • Replenishing cooking gas cylinders back in stock

Admin can know whether cylinders are there or stock needs to be replenished. 

For this there are cooking gas meters integrated with app to keep the distributor informed.

A right combo of features is all what you need

Cooking gas delivery app development is quite certainly not easy but taking reference from an app like GasSwift in your region can be a class fuel delivery solution. But, for any on-demand cooking gas delivery startup it is important to encompass all the above features using an ideal tech stack.

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Kunal Gohil, Product Manager of Gasswift, one of the leading on-demand delivery solutions company. He is a highly motivated entrepreneur who drives his organization with his exemplary leadership skills. His aim is always to strive for perfection and to come up with innovative gas and fuel delivery solutions.


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