Soccer is the most popular sport played across the globe. No wonder the best players reap larger than life rewards. They are quite expensive to manage for the teams. It pays a fortune to be a professional footballer.

Richest Football Players 2020

 Richest Football Players

This list comprises of the  richest football players on the planet. Here’s what you need to know about them:

Cristiano Ronaldo – Total Wealth Owned – $230 million

This is no surprise. The most loved Real Madrid player is the outright best of the best. Ronaldo is known to score dribbles and goals with utter speed and vigor. He possesses a super sensational control over ball.

His deal with Real Madrid pays him a massive €18.2 million annually. This whopping number does not include bonuses. Additionally, he is an absolute crush on endorsement front. Ronaldo owns a clothing line of own clothing (CR7. As far as property portfolio is concerned, he owns a lucrative one. Being Cristiano Ronaldo is simply awesome! Isn’t it?

Ronaldinho – Total Wealth Owned – $93 million

This fabulous winner of Ballon d’Or has been raking in moolah. In one of the famous stints with Atletico Mineiro, he managed to pull in whopping €2.7 million annually. Ronaldinho is a member of Querétaro FC which gave him ample opportunity to earn additional €2.5 million annually. This income comes to him as a part of performance-based incentives.

Lionel Messi – Total Wealth Owned – $218 million

Messi creates magic on the soccer field. And off field, everything he touches turns to gold. He enjoys a lucrative contract with Barcelona. They pay him $50 million annually. He is also doing several lucrative endorsement deals. Messi is presently working with popular brands including Gatorade, Dolce & Gabbana, Adidas, Gillette, and Samsung. He is undeniably one of the two best soccer players in the world. He has already won Ballon d’Or awards four times, his overall wealth will snowball in no time.

Wayne Rooney – Total Wealth Owned – $112 million

This super striker for the teams Manchester United and English National is the wealthiest player to be in the English Premier League. Rooney is widely celebrated for his display of immense strength on the field. Apart from being one of the best goal scorers, he is renowned for his undying winning speed. Man U felicitated this player with a whopping $104 million contract in the year 2014. Additionally, this deal is worth £300,000 weekly!

Zlatan Ibrahimović – Total Wealth Owned – $114 million

The superstar draws a hefty salary from his club team. Most of his money is derived from popular luxury endorsement deals and smart investments. Some of the sponsorship deals of Ibrahimović include Volvo, Nivea, Dressman, and Xbox. His investments include owning an extensive amount of property.

Samuel Eto’o – Total Wealth Owned – $98 million

Earning over €10 million annually at one point of time at Barcelona and whopping €5 million at Chelsea, this soccer star is now collecting an enormous payday from Anzhi Makhachkala. It is also believed that this is where he earned approximately half of his entire fortune. He also has endorsement deals with Ford and Puma.

Neymar – Total Wealth Owned – $148 million

The face of Brazilian soccer is one of the richest soccer players around. The immensely talented GC Barcelona team is blessed to have the best and one of the main cogs. What makes him so popular? Unprecedented skills with ball and a flair for brilliance on the pitch have made him very popular among football fanatics. Annual salary of this football stalwart is whopping €8.8 million a year. However, this is almost peanuts in considering the awe-inspiring endorsement deals including the likes of Volkswagen, Red Bull, Nike, Panasonic, and many more. Now that’s quite impressive for a 23 year old! 

Kaká – Total Wealth Owned – $108 million

The famous player is paid sizably both on and off the field. Apart from making a huge amount of money, he was successful in generating plenty of bank by playing for various famous clubs such as São Paulo, Real Madrid, Orlando City, and AC Milan. Additionally, he’s also seen getting a number of deals and endorsement money with famous companies like Gillette, Armani, Samsung, Pepsi, and Adidas. In short, money, fame, and glory, Kaká has it all.

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