NSMQ 2020: Great Keta SHS show SDA SHS, Nsein SHS the exit

Keta SHS

Keta-based Keta SHS once again showed their class to qualify for the quarter-finals of the National Science and Maths Quiz (NSMQ) on Tuesday.

The volta champions right from the first round exhibited what stuff they were made of by taking an early lead of 20  points against SDA SHS with 10 points with Nsein  SHS trailing with 9 points.

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With a comfortable lead, Keta SHS went for the jugular as it amassed more points to end the second round with 35 points followed by SDA SHS with 13  points as Nsein  SHS ended with 12  points.

In the ‘Problem of the Day’ round, Keta Senior Hight Technical had 6 out of 10, with Nsein 2 and SDA with 0 marks a possible 10.

At the True or False round, the school from ‘Keta’ exploded to end the round with 42 points as SDA SHS shook off their sluggish selves to second place with 25 points, which sent Nsein SHS to third place with 22 points.

When it got to the Riddles, both SDA SHS and Nsein SHS  answered the first questions on the third clue whiles Keta Senior High answered the final question giving them a mark of 45.

All too soon, it was the end of the contest, and SDA SHS and Nsein SHS were left licking their wounds as they exited the competition.





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