What Are The Major Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Mobile Phones?

disadvantages of  using mobile phones

In today’s times, we just cannot part ways with our mobile phones. Everything can easily be accessed through our small mobile devices. There are several benefits of using a mobile phone, especially in today’s times, but there are also many disadvantages of  using mobile phones. In this article, we have mentioned some of the major ones for you. Are you ready to check them out? 

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The major disadvantages of using a mobile phone

 disadvantages of  using mobile phones

  • Weakens your immune system: have you ever seen the greasy, oily residue on your mobile phone? This residue consists of germs that are very powerful and attacks the immune system of humans, thus weakening it. Moreover, due to this, humans are more prone to diseases. 
  • A major reason for accidents: there has been a rise in the number of accidents causing deaths in the past few years. Why is it so? Mainly because people prefer using their phones more often rather than focusing on driving or crossing the road. 
  • Fitness level is reduced: well, children these days are more glued to their phones rather than hitting the playground. They are more advanced in comparison to their adult counterparts. In this way, they tend to spend most of their time on the phone. They do not get exposed to fresh air, which can be a major reason why kids are suffering from various health issues these days. Staying indoors and using the phone more often can cause health as well as social issues in young children. 
  • Increasing cyber-crimes: having all your information stored in one place can be very convenient and easy until you become vulnerable to cyber theft. A lot of our texts and sensitive information are stored in mobile phones, which, if stolen, can make an individual very vulnerable to cyber-crime. 
  • Anxiety: according to studies, there is hyper-vigilance caused by mobile phones where adrenals in the body remain activated constantly while the levels of cortisol are also high. With this, there is an increase in blood pressure, anxiety, heart rate and even stress levels. 

Even though there are so many different disadvantages of mobile, you need to know that it also has its perks. You need to ensure a healthy balance between the benefits and disadvantages not only with your smartphones but also other forms of technology and devices. After all this, we will now ponder upon the various perks offered by a mobile phone. 

The advantages of using a mobile phone

Easy communication: mobile phones are great for communicating with friends, family and anyone you wish to instantly. Gone are those days where we used previous-generation devices and had to struggle for a signal. Right from a phone call to sending mails, everything can easily be communicated from one part of the world to another. 

Entertainment: with your handy little device, you do not have to hassle over a TV set anymore. You can find all sorts of entertainment right on your fingertips. Isn’t it just crazy? Do you want to watch your favorite TV program while your dad wants to check out the news updates? Well, leave behind all the fusses and grab your phone and enjoy your program without any disturbance and worries! Get your own space and entertainment right in your comfort zone. 

Another beneficial thing about mobile phones is that you can make your notes and save it with you rather than looking up for it in your diary. Also, if you are bad at remembering special occasions, your phone can be a great savior for you. Just set a reminder and never miss out on a loved one’s special day, henceforth! 


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