7 Birthday Party Celebration Ideas with Social Distancing at Office

7 Birthday Party Celebration Ideas with Social Distancing at Office

The time that the whole world has been facing since the beginning of 2020 is going to be historical. A pandemic caused by a microscopic virus has turned the whole world upside down. The whole concept of normal has been given a new dimension. In this new normal, social distancing and frequent hand sanitizing have become the most essential. So, now our celebrations will also have these two conditions prioritized. Even if all other celebrations can be kept on hold, not the celebration of a birthday at all. Here are seven birthday celebration ideas at the workplace with social distancing. 

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 1) Plan A Perfect Virtual Party

For the restriction in movements, our home has turned into an office. As colleagues are not able to meet physically/ face-to-face, their whole connection has turned into virtual space. So, a zoom video call joined by all the colleagues of the office can do grand planning for a virtual party. Also, it is best to keep it a surprise, with prior notice of working an extra hour that day for all. Then after calling the office for the day, start the surprise party. Everyone can send gifts online, but celebration and gift unwrapping online would be a new fun.

2) Make a Fun-able Customized Video

If this celebration were to be done in the office, there would be people to speak good things themselves about the birthday person. But now, as virtual is a new reality, it is perfect for making a customized video by adding up everyone’s short birthday wish video and play it on a video call during the virtual office meeting. It will make the birthday man/woman happy beyond their imagination. Also, it is an ideal social distancing birthday idea to have a new level of celebration. 

3) Send Delicious Cake Online

Digital or virtual or real- no celebration is complete without the gracious presence of the delicacy named cake. SO, even for an office virtual birthday party, a cake is a must. The co-workers together can order a birthday cake online from them, which the birthday person would cut on the virtual birthday party. One thing will be majorly missing- the cake smashing on the birthday boy/girl’s face. Never-mind, next year, you can have double smashing. You can order birthday cake delivery from the online cake shops in Germany like Gift blooms and many more. This would be a quarantine bliss for the birthday person. 

4) Host a Company Dinner, Online

According to the previous normal, there were dinner or lunch parties on someone’s birthday, where all the colleagues would have gone for team lunch or dinner. Since quarantine and social distancing are ruling the new normal, this idea has gone over the head. Now, the only possible solution is to host a company dinner online. Where everyone will sit in their home and enjoy the treat from the birthday person who will send the foods online to the colleagues’ home, and do not forget to be online virtually while having dinner as it will be funny to experience such a new social distancing party idea.

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5) Send Flower and Corporate Package

Sending online gifts have been saviors in various crucial occasions. SO, this social distancing caused by pandemic will not hold anyone to greet the birthday person with gifts. Flowers are the best gifts to express an unbiased wish for someone’s’ well-being and appreciation of the person’s effort. Along with that, a corporate gift would be a perfect add on. It can be a diary, a pen, a coffee mug, a mobile case, or anything with the company’s memento on it. And you can always choose the option to send corporate gifts online from Germany or inside the country. 

6) Send Surprise Gifts

The best way of sending surprise gifts from professional space is to send anonymous gifts. Had things been normal, co-workers could have put the gifts anonymously on the birthday person’s cubicle. But, in this virtual office, the best idea is to send birthday gifts to his/her home without mentioning the sender’s name. It will make them happiest, which they deserve. Also, they might guess who has sent it but can never know for sure. This would give him/her a new kind of surprise on their birthdays.

7) Surprise digital Gifts

When virtual celebrations have become the new normal, then the mode of gifts has also changed into digital form. As the internet can do anything possible, it can connect all the people from different corners to a single screen where everyone can see everyone and listen to them. A virtual clap, a virtual celebration while singing the cake cutting song, some jam sessions over video call- now these are the forms of digital gifts this day, which will perfectly rock a virtual birthday party, maintaining the social distance. 

There is definitely something lively that we are missing in this new normal, but it has also blessed us with certain perks. Above are the best virtual birthday party celebration in the office where everyone around the world can join and celebrate in a new way.        



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