Brass Knuckles – Simplistically Made, Surprisingly Effective


Have you tried the impactful and powerful brass knuckles in a fight or for self defense? If you haven’t used a brass knuckle for any reason, you should try them out and see yourself. 

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The structural integrity of knuckle weapons is superior to many weapons you might have used. They are cast in a single material and yet exhibit the impact you want. In face-to-face combat cases, anyone wearing a brass knuckle has a higher chance of winning and knocking down their enemy.

Are Real Brass Knuckles Still Used?

  • We have all seen how there has been a  growing increase in modern weapons that are far more technical than the simple knuckles. 
  • Regardless, they have survived and are pretty relevant to this day as they are potent as weapons and loved as collectibles. 
  • You can find steel, aluminum, and titanium knuckles as well, depending on what you prefer. The impact of a weapon like Brass Knuckles is based on the strength of the metal.
  • In the United States, brass knuckles are revered as weapons, and many people use them as fashion symbols as well.

How To Perform Brass Knuckles Self Defense 

For amateurs, a knuckle duster is relatively easier to master than other weapons. If you learn how to wear them correctly and throw your punches, you can get the hang of them quickly. 

  1. If you slip on your brass knuckles to physically tackle someone, use them to punch the hard parts of their bodies. 
  2. Brass knuckles protect the fingers and add blow to the flesh in contact with it. You can use your brass knuckle to punch someone in the face and knock them out.
  3. If you find yourself wrestling someone to escape, use a brass knuckle to punch them in the knee, groin, or shin. 

What are Some Non-Violent Uses of Cheap Brass Knuckles?

It has already been established that brass knuckles are cool and fashionable. Apart from self defense, there are actually many ways you can utilize knuckle dusters in your life.

  • There are various instances when you get locked out of your house; brass knuckles can be used to break the lock. They are handy in claustrophobic spaces where you need to escape as quickly as possible. 
  • Packages that get delivered to your house often have particularly rigid packaging. Knuckle dusters are ideal for opening the tapes and boxes with minimal effort. 
  • Weapon collectors have a particular liking for knuckle weapons. They are stylish, and they have a notorious reputation. Collecting brass knuckles is a legit hobby, and many people buy them as decoration pieces. 
  • In popular culture, brass knuckles are worn as jewelry and fashion accessories. Musicians, designers, and young people wear them and adorn their shoes and bags with knuckle buckles. 
  • Brass knuckles also make for awesome hood ornaments or badges for cars and bikes. Native American bikers wear and decorate their vehicles with knuckles as traditional ornaments. 

Where to Buy Brass Knuckles in the United States?

If you are having trouble finding good-quality cheap brass knuckles in your area, you can browse PA Knives. You’ll be hard-pushed to not find a dozen different pieces that you can collect and use. Here are 5 top brass knuckles for sale you can get right now from Paknives.

    • The simpler, the better, the Stainless Silver Belt Buckle Knuckle is handy as a weapon and an accessory. You can buy this elegant knuckle for just $3.59.
    • Brass knuckles are first and foremost weapons, and the Knuckle Bullet Knife inspired by Full Metal Jacket is ideal. It has a hidden blade, and comfortable finger rings for throwing threatening punches. This handy weapon costs only $3.69 and will provide you’re the protection you need.
    • Collectors especially have a liking for quirky and eclectic black brass knuckles. The Radioactive Splatter Knuckle fits the bit of deep, matted, and imaginative design. You can add something themed to your collection with this perfect $4.25 knuckle.
  • If your space can do with a bit of pop, you can get the Titanium Rainbow Buckle Paperweight. Something this unorthodox will be an interesting addition to your personal study and brighten up your interior space at just $3.99 apiece. 
  • The seamless transition from weapon to accessory is impossible for most weapons, save for knuckles. The Skull Wing Design Gold Knuckle Ring can easily be disguised as jewelry and used for personal defense, and it costs only $7.55.

There are various ways of utilizing your self defense tool brass knuckles, as shown above. But even if you don’t use them regularly, securing a weapon and an accessory for as low as $3 is worth it.



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